Incorporating National Advantages for 1942 Second Edition

  • I know that 1942 Second Edition doesn’t come with National Advantages (NA) out of the box but I’d like to experiment playing with a few. I grabbed the list of NAs from the Larry Harris Tournament Rules PDF ( but a few of them reference specific spaces/zones. I am wondering how to modify them for the 1942 Second Edition game board.

    Trans-Siberian Railway (U.S.S.R NA) previously mentioned that certain land units can move two spaces along Russia, Novosibirsk, Yakut S.S.R., and Buryatia S.S.R territories. However, on the 1942 Second Edition game board, Evenki National Okrug is in the way along with Vologda as well. How should this be modified?

    Kamikaze (Japan NA) references sea zones 58, 59, 60, 61. In the 1942 Second Edition game board, are those still valid?

    Chinese Divisions (U.S. NA) references China, Sinkiang, and Kwangtung territories. Which territories should it be on the 1942 Second Edition game board?

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