Turn 1 Factory for UK (1942 online). Is the best spot South Africa ?

  • I’ve found that I often lose Egypt to Germany. As they have the battle ship and transport to build up a force in Africa.

    So if I bought a factory for Egypt I’m not able to build troops fast enough to protect it. https://tweakbox.mobi/ https://getappvalley.com/ https://vlc.onl

    How to people feel about South Africa? It’s far enough away to build up some troops in Africa before Germany comes. Assuming they don’t take Egypt turn 1 (with a tank surviving). Or if Germany builds a second transport, they will be able to quickly build up more African troops then the UK.

    Say I group up my navy in the Indian Ocean turn 1, so it’s big enough for Japan not to attack it turn 1.

    I then have enough navy to protect South Africa from Japan’s navy for a couple turns till I can build up more forces. Also with the two transports from this navy, you can ferry units to India and Egypt areas quickly.

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    First, you posted this in the wrong board. This is the AAZ forum. 42SE (the game Online is based on) has it’s own board (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/category/47/axis-allies-1942-2nd-edition). I imagine a mod will move this thread at some point.

    I would not recommend dropping money on an IC as UK, actually. You need every penny you can scrape together for the combination of:

    • Defending/reinforcing the UK Navy off of Europe.
    • Defending India against Japan.

    I cannot stress how important these two points are. Not putting appropriate pressure on Germany via the fleet will result in Moscow falling, while failing to defend India will result in Japan’s economy spiraling out of control (without needing to match UK’s India stack they can take China/eastern Russia/the Pacific Islands with minimal consequences), surpassing even the USA’s. This will result in an Allied loss in the long-term.

    To dispute your potential targets:

    • Egypt is no-good for the reason you’ve already discovered. If Germany wants to take Egypt, they’ll take Egypt regardless of how many units you build there. 2 units/turn is not sufficient to survive against Germany’s starting assets.

    • South Africa is better than Egypt, but is too far-removed from the front to do anything, really. You can take the time to build up a small navy off of South Africa to move out, but with only 2 ships/turn, Japan can easily seek out and destroy your navy with theirs if they so desire. Additionally, Germany can ferry units into Africa and put pressure on the South Africa Factory, forcing you to build Land Units there instead of the Navy you’re trying for.

    USA should be the one challenging Japan’s navy in the Pacific, not UK. UK has it’s resources spread too thin to begin with. It can’t afford building 2 navies (one for Europe, one for the Pacific).

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    What does Germany build or is bringing in to Medd? What is UK doing with the 2nd fighter , et al? UK placing any tanks in India? what do they place?

    ON uk 1, establish your fleet if possible ( CV, 2 DD builds-placed with AP w 2 fighters at upper left sea zone) if not you can bring the fleet past the canal ( unless he took Levant States) That alone stops he BB and AP from invasion-but you need 2 fighters on CV.

    Take out the Japanese AP that’s in range of India with the CA and or the Fighter, so you can bring 2 men to Egypt, but build 2 tanks in India to eventually replace them, bring up the infantry on the right side of Afrika. ( not left).

    You could build in South Afrika ( not my choice, but its usually out of range of German Bombers…

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