Tjoek's A&A 1914 OOB Map file (Updated February 9th 2020)

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    I believe it’s the print shops software or what ever they have. I printed up Siredblood’s map and it came out with a red tint. Another map was deluxe. The blue was darker.
    I was told those 2 map files where made on photo shop. So if printer doesn’t print in photo shop the colors are a bit different
    Don’t know if that helps.
    Another thing was my magnetic charts where made with a Mac in photo shop I believe and the color of charts were way off what I wanted.

    I’m sure IL or somebody knows the fix

  • @Tjoek I know my print shop had to save to PDF format and they did adjust the size. I got a proof and the size change did not seem to impact either the quality of the map or color. I dropped off my thumb drive and got the final product in 4 days!

  • Thanks for the file. I just built a 1942 map with a bunch of extra territories that include the Sahara. I always was fond of the North Africa campaigns, so that was a must have for my custom map.

  • @Tjoek I posted a video discussing your map download for 1914 on my YouTube channel. The map turned out great…I just need a bigger table 🤣

    The Plastic Commando

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