Global 1942 setup from Larry much quicker is it than 1940 setup?

  • I wanted to ask all of those here who have tried the alternate Larry Harris 1942 setup to the regular 1940 Global game if and by how much time does it save over the 1940 version…

    I wanted to test it out soon. I have found that the typical 1940 game lasts between 10-14 hours on average. Anything that can speed the game up would be a big win for all.

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    @Xlome_00 it isn’t that much quicker . Is fun to try though.

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    Hi Xlome. You could try different victory conditions.

    16)Movel Victory Conditions Courtesy of taamvan. The Axis need “9” of the following after round 10 for victory:
    Hold Berlin=Control Germany
    Hold Warsaw=Control Poland
    Hold Rome=Control Southern Italy
    Hold Paris=Control France
    Hold Toykyo=Control Japan
    Hold Shanghai=Control Kiangsu
    Seize the Caucasus=Control
    Control North Africa=Morocco:Algeria:Tunisia:Libya:Tobruk:Alexandria:Egypt
    Control All of Balkans=Crete:Yugoslavia:Greece:Bulgaria:Slovakia Hungary:Albania:Romania
    Control of Philippines
    Control of the Burma Road=India:Burma:Yunnan:Szechwan
    Control of “5” Allied Island Territories in the Pacific=New Britain:Solomon Islands:New Guinea:Philippines:Line Islands:Guam:Wake Island:Aleutian Islands:Johnston Island:Hawaiian Islands:Midway:Fiji:Ceylon:Samoa:Gilbert Islands:Celebes:Java:Dutch New Guinea:Sumatra:New Hebrides
    Seize all of China=Control of Manchuria:Hainan:Shensi:Yunnan:Szechwan:Suiyuyan:Kweichow:Hunan:Hopei:Shantung:Kwangsi:Kiangsu:Kiangsi:Jehol:Chahar:Anhwe:Tsinghai:Kansu
    Seize Novgorod=Control
    Seize Stalingrad=Control Volgograd
    Seize Persia and Iraq=Control Iraq:Northwest Persia:Persia:Eastern Persia

    YG uses a “victory token” as well that seemed popular. A search should take you to it. Oztea has a 1942 as well and it is also fun 🙂

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    Haven’t tried it, but if you want a quicker game, have a look at Ozteas’ 1941 setup. Still has a lot of the depth but effectively starts in turn 3.

  • Thanks for the tips and suggestions guys. I am really trying to find ways to reduce the overall time of the game since 8-15 hours is a tough sell when trying to find more players. We usually don’t even wait till all the necessary victory cities are captured either. We basically can tell once the game is lost for either side.

    Perhaps having a timer on the Purchase and Combat Move phase as well as make a hard end date at the end of Turn 7 or 8 would make things go quicker? I think playing a setup where Russia and America are already in the war could speed things up too.

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