• My son and I came up with this scenario where the Ottoman Empire was still around in 1940, but weaker. They lost World War 1 but not as bad as in real life; maybe TE Lawrence got killed too soon to make a difference and the Arabian Revolution failed. The Sultan managed to hold on to power by the skin of his teeth and Ataturk never launched his revolution.
    Anyway, here it is:
    Ottoman Empire
    Special Alternate History Scenario
    Background: The Arabian Revolution of 1916 had failed and the Sultanate managed to hold on to power after it’s defeat in World War 1. However, it still lost some of its territory to the United Kindom and France. It is now 1940 and with Britian and France having their hands full dealing with a resurgent Germany and an ambitious Italy, the Empire sees a way to regain its rightful lands and restore its former Glory!
    6 IPCs
    I used Ottoman 1914 Pieces and Axis pieces from HBG painted to match the 1914 pieces. There’s also a Turkey At War expansion that includes most of whet you need.
    Turkey: 6 Infantry, 2 Artillery, 1 AA Gun, 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber, 1 Tank, 1 minor IC, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base
    Iraq: 2 Infantry, 1 Tank
    Arabia: 1 Infantry 1 Artillary, 1 Naval Base
    Seazone 100: 1 Battleship, 1 Transport, 1 Destroyer, 1 Submarine
    Seazone 80: 1 Cruiser, 1 Transport
    Added Allied units (for Greece use UK, French, or HBG Neutral units):
    Greece: 4 Infantry, 1 artillery, 1 tank
    Crete: 1 Infantry
    Trans-Jordan: +1 UK infantry
    Cyprus: 1 British Infantry
    Seazone 98: +1 UK Fighter, 1 UK Destroyer
    Seazone 99: 1 Destroyer, 1 Cruiser
    National Objectives: +2 Ipcs per territory from Iraq and Arabia. Reason: Oil production

    • 1 IPC per territory if in control of Syria, Trans-Jordan, and Cyprus
      Reason: Restoring the Empire
      +5 IPCS if Greece and Crete are captured.
      Theme: Byzantium Reborn!
    • 3 IPCs if Egypt and Trans-Jordan are under Axis control
      Theme: Axis control of the Suez.

  • @panzerknacker
    This is a really cool idea, have you play tested it? From the pre-game set up is appears that Italy is at a huge disadvantage from the increased UK presence in the Med. Also, do you have some sort of rule preventing the Ottomans from blitzing through Russia?

  • @panzerknacker

    Is this still used by your group? What else have you added since you posted this?

    Couldn’t the Germans blitz the Caucasus in 2 turns? Maybe add a “Germany Allied Powers” Extension that prohibits German troops in Bulgaria (Historically, Bulgaria did not join the conflict with ground troops.) But adds Romania and Hungary (giving the House Rules on the forum which there is some creative, in-depth ones for this)…

    Maybe let Turkey join Round 4, remove UK additional naval units (meant to “balance”) Remove Turkey’s Navy and maybe just add a single Sub (Historically, they had a battleship and a couple light craft but this is a game and we have to compromise)

  • @all-encompassing-goose I had a similar thought process, with this addition the Axis seem far too strong and the Allies don’t get much in return. I think the UK needs a fairly big jump in IPCs and a complex in Egypt or the Middle East from the beginning to get it close to balanced

  • 2022


    Germany should at least be able to move units through Bulgaria, for accuracy. Sure, Germany could invade the Caucasus, but that’s the world of geopolitics. I like making the Black Sea more lively, and the balance rules seem alright.

  • @panzerknacker

    Interesting idea. I am a big fan of What-If history. And if these can be used in Axis and Allies (or Fortress America): the better!

    Have you thought about just then-present / then-existing Turkey joining Axis?
    Just coming up with some ideas but if this makes Axis too strong one can switch Bulgaria to the Axis.
    Idea being that Turkey and Bulgaria fall out on each other after Greece has been conquered.

    NOTE: Something similar did happen during the Second Balkan War…

  • Has anybody tried this out yet? I haven’t been able to get together with someone to do it yet

  • 2022


    I don’t have time to test your house rule, but it sure looks interesting. I might use it sometime.

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