• I think AAZ has the perfect scale and size for playing a fast game of classic A&A (without Zombies). Its bigger than AA41 and smaller than AA42. Also the graphic style is, together with AA14, my personal favourite of the whole franchise. Is there a mapfile available to print this one a little bit larger? thanks a lot and happy new year to you all!

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    While there are folks who have done map files for the other editions, and could probably do this for you, the majority of the community here despises this game for no good reason (because it has Zombies in it and was made post-Larry Harris, mainly).

    I know myself, @thrasher1 and @taamvan appreciate/play this game on some level, but I don’t think any of us have the technical know-how to make said file for you. That being said, I’ve tagged the two of them just in case. You never know.

    Glad to see you enjoy the game for mostly the same reason I do. Smaller maps are good to have around for occasions when you want to play A&A, but don’t want to dedicate 1-2 entire days to playing a larger scenario like G40/GW36.

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    I’ve done multiple map files so far for Global 1940, Anniversary and 1914 (this one is WIP) and I’ve already started work on the Zombies map after my first game a few weeks ago.

    I’ve scanned the board and stitched the scans together. I’m currently slowly retouching the folds of the board pieces. I will post this first version as soon as it is ready in the Customizations subform.

    But for now the main focus is on finalizing the 1914 map first.

  • @Tjoek awesome. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Iv been creating Tabletop Simulator boards for 1942 and Anniversary with zombie cards. Once complete I’ll have to add it t ok the list.


  • @Tjoek I am also very curious about your AAZ map project did you start already?

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    @Chacmool @Randy_Randelman1234
    Thank you for your interest. I’ve finished the 1914 map, but haven’t had much time to work on the AAZ map. I’ve managed to retouch about 20% of the folds I guess, but don’t know when I have more time at hand to finish the work.

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