UK/Anzac AAA convert dutch territories?

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    @Krieghund I appreciate the explanation and I do understand your reasoning. Your decision is consistent with the rules for friendly neutrals and your desire to avoid “a needless difference in the two procedures” makes sense.

    I believe my position to be equally valid, however. Language matters, and “assuming guardianship” remains distinctly different from “converting,” “claiming” or “annexing” friendly neutrals. The existing rules draw a bright line between Dutch territories and neutrals. Why, then, couldn’t the procedure for assuming guardianship of Dutch territories be slightly different? (This is rhetorical, as you’ve clearly stated the reasons why you do not wish the procedures to be different.)

    A final consideration: My position has the advantage of remaining consistent with the Pacific 1940.2 rules for Dutch territories, while players must find this thread in order to be aware of your ruling which, while logical and understandable, is in fact an exception to the rule as written.

    Again, I appreciate your explanation and reasoning.

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    I agree that a strict reading of the exemption rule in and of itself would indicate that Dutch territories could be claimed by AAA, as this case is not mentioned explicitly. I wrestled with this for a while before making my ruling. However, I also believe there’s enough wiggle room there when combined with the rules on Dutch territories and friendly neutrals to interpret it the other way, for the reasons I’ve outlined. The fact that we’re even having this conversation supports the view that there are two ways to interpret it.

    For what it’s worth, I am certain that Larry didn’t want AAA to claim Dutch territories, any more than he wanted them to convert friendly neutrals, for the reasons I stated. This in itself wouldn’t cause me to rule the way that I did, but in combination with the aforementioned “wiggle room”, I deemed it to be enough. If I had my way, there would be an FAQ update to reflect this, but getting one these days is like pulling teeth.

    As an aside, this issue was originally addressed in the AAE40 1st Edition FAQ, at the same time that the 2nd Editions of both games were being developed. The AAA exception should have noted this case explicitly in AAP40, but it simply got dropped during the development of the 2nd Edition and it has remained lost until now.

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    Sounds good K !

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    @Krieghund Understood. Great discussion, and thanks for the background information! I think it speaks to the greatness of the Global 1940 game that, ~10 years after publication, we can still have these types of philosophical debates about it.

    Now, we can move on to addressing the flawed rules for AAA units… 😁

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