Possible Glitch - "Phantom Fighter Move"

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    Gonna file the two glitches I found in two separate threads.

    First, the QoL changes and addition of ranked mode have breathed new life into this game for me. Thanks a ton for implementing both.

    Anyway, this glitch is something I call “Phantom Fighter Move”. Allow me to explain:

    Scenario: I have two separate stacks of German Fighters. One in Karelia, the other in Germany. During Combat Move Phase I move both of them to attack Caucasus (2 moves away from Karelia, 3 moves away from Germany).

    • Battle Occurs, all of my air units survive.

    • NCM Phase: I should only be able to move my Fighters that started in Germany one more space, and my Fighters that started in Karelia two more spaces. If I individually make my moves, this will work as intended. After I’ve individually moved each of my Fighters with two moves left, I will only be able to move the remaining Fighters one space.

    • However, if I use the new “SHIFT+CLICK” feature to move the entire Fighter Stack at once, the glitch comes into play.

    For whatever reason, SHIFT+CLICK"-ing the Fighter Stack in Ukraine lets me move all of them 2 spaces, even though some of them should not be able to move that far. This trick allows for illegal Fighter Movement that is earth-shatteringly overpowered in arenas like the Pacific, where fleet positioning is entirely based on the limited air range of opposing FTRs/Bombers.

    NOTE: I do not know if this occurs for Bombers as well as Fighters. I have not tried it because building additional Bombers is usually poor play and I am only playing Ranked Games at the moment.

    If this bug is not reproducible on your end, it may have just been a one-time thing for me. Sorry for the false alarm if that’s the case.

    Not a huge bug, but a bug nonetheless.

    Thanks for listening.

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