Couple newbie questions on subs and factories

  • Hello,

    I just played my first game of A&A last night with my sons. It was the 1942 edition. We had a couple questions that we couldn’t find really clear answers to in the rule book, so hopefully you all can set us straight. Thanks in advance.

    Sub-on-Sub warfare - in the event where a sea zone is occupied by 2 (or more) subs from opposing sides, does that become a ‘regular’ sea battle? Or do the subs not know the others are there? Does it take a Destroyer to expose an enemy sub to a friendly sub?

    Factory damage - in the event that a factory is damaged down to zero (or less), I realize it must be repaired to produce new units, but can it be repaired and produce new units in the same turn? Or must it be repaired one one turn and then can produce new units the next turn (like a captured factory would behave)?

    Thanks. Hopefully those questions were clear.

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    @CalebRyan Hi there. Hope you all enjoyed the game.

    Subs can choose whether to fight or submerge if there is no enemy destroyer present. So if both sides only have subs present then the each decide whether to fight or submerge and the battle only occurs if both sides decide to fight.

    Factories can be repaired and produce new units in the same turn.

    Hope this helps.


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