[1942 Second Ed.] China / paratrooper rule addon

  • 1942.2 is a very neat and faster pace game than other versions of AA, nevertheless the china rules of AA50 and paratrooper tech are both aspects bring in more historical realism, fun and tactical depth to the game in overall. I have tried to incorporat both rules as houserules into 42.2 and would like to have your comments on it if these break the balance . My group are not very sophisticated AA fans therefore a 6:4 balance would not significant impact to our overall result i believe.but of course i want to make the variant as balance as i can

    1. China variants
      As i know the original setup is more favour Axis side. And SU in general has a less resources other than her two alliances. So my rules set as below
      a.) China power is controlled by SU player
      b.) Except the initial IPC, China’s controlled territory IPC are reduced from US productivity.
      c.) China can occupy and control only the 8 territories including Formosa/kwangTung/Manchuria .
      d.) China only can produce infantry according to AA50 rules except 1 infantry/1 allies controlled territory in China.

    The reason for this is enhancing China defence against Jpy in early rounds as it can deploy before Jpy invades. Also the cheaper cost of infantry (1 IPC= 1 inf) is offset by less IPC for US player. Thirdly SU player will has more fun when compared to us and uk.

    1. Paratroopers variant

    Generally , players tends to push all their ground force all to the most front line and leave its central territory very empty without any threat. Introduce of para hope can solve this unrealism. I modify the AA 50 rule of para and allow in the beginning of the game.

    1. In combat move , 1 bomber can carry 1 infantry to the target hostile territory
    2. Moving and landing rule are as same as normal except the bomber can fly through hostile territories as long as it has legitimate landing route.
    3. When the bomber fly through and at the target territory with Aaa gun (during combat move only), do the aaa gun chking as usual combat.

    We play tested once with both rules , we found the China rule brought a little upclimb difficulty for JPN player, but in long run , as US has fewer resources and get more balance and has a bit less impact to Axis

    With paratrooper variants. We tends to build up more aaa gun and deploy inland or islands , also we will leave some def forces at some strategic territories which the overall deployment tactics looks more reasonable on the map.

    Since we did not heavily play test enough,feel free to comment if you sight any potential problem to these variants

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