Selling my Global War 1936-1945 2nd Edition!

  • Hello everyone! Is there anybody interested in buying my global war 1936-1945 2nd edition game? It comes complete with all the units for each country*, markers, accessories, and the map necessary to play the game! I have unfortunately outgrown the game and it now sits collecting dust, therefore, I would like to get rid of it and I am hoping one of you will take it off my hands! I have a google drive folder with all the items I am selling if anyone is interested in seeing exactly what is included, and I have a price breakdown for the units as well. I can also take pictures of the containers that I have neatly organized the units and markers into. If you would like to see a picture of the map, I can share that as well. Condition wise, everything has seen moderate to light usage so the map, units, and markers are all in very good condition. The units are a mixture of Axis & Allies and Historical Board Gaming units. Let me know if you are interested!

    *I do not have strategic bombers for Japan. I do not have air transports, light carriers, and tactical bombers for Italy, and I do not have light carriers for the USSR. Otherwise, every other nation has what they need!

  • Interested

  • Is this still available? I’d like to see a price list

  • @DCWhat Hello DCWhat! Yes the game is still available! What’s your email? I can send you a price list that way.

  • @KingKuba I sent you a private message.

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