• does anyone know of any A&A tournaments in Ontario, Canada?

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Sorry, Toronto

  • Speaking about tournament…

    I would also be interested in knowing about tournaments in Montreal, Qc in Canada.

    Does anyone have info on that?

  • This type of discussion may be more successful in the “Find Players” topic area…

  • i apologize for misplacing the forum.I am new.

    But does anyone know of anything in Toronto?

  • There are several online Tournaments, but I lack knowledge of any face-to-face Tournaments.

  • ncscswitch,

    I am new at this so bear w/me.

    how do this online tournaments work?

    how do you enrol?

    what is your take on this type of gaming?

  • Some of them are more formal than others.  For many, you just need to be a member of the site and request to join (our “informal” Tournaments, DAAK’s regular Tournament schedule, Flames of Europe…)

    To be honest, I have ONLY played Revised online (if you discount the brief game set up and 2-3 moves I did with my wife when I first got it).

    You tell me (I assume you have looked at a few of my games) how well online play compares 🙂

  • ncscswitch-thanks for the post, i will check out the online tournaments.

    I have not seen any of your games.

  • If you check out the “Games” section of this site, all of the current Revised Tournament games are clearly marked (so far as RT1 or RT2).  There are several other games in progress, as well as numerous archives games there.

    Some are easier to follow than others.

    But I think if you have a chance to review a few of the, it will give you an idea of just what is possible with Revised (especially as compared to Classic)

  • ncscswitch- I have played revised at least 20 times (with board). I will check this out.


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