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    Yo barnee. Now that I got a bit of time I’m going to fool around with this G40 OOB game and put in my Mods with new piece values, NA’s, 3 Group island No’s, Tech, Generals/Admirals, Event Cards, Strict Neutral influence, Victory points for city’s and Axis bonus victory points and Russia getting 2 turns on turn 1, US at war on T3 and UK can’t attack Italy T1 I believe and make Mongolia Pro Russia and add some Siberians and such so the bid can be removed.
    Will see if this is all possible. Putz with it. Will be trying to see if my event cards will work for this d6 game and make a set for G40 game. Winter is here !!! LOL

    Piece list
    BB C15 AD@5 + if roll is a 1 get a bonus AA plane kill. 2 hits
    CR C9 AD@4 + if roll is a 1 get a bonus AA plane kill too.
    DD C7 AD@2
    SS C6 A@2 D@1 pick target
    AC C12 D@2 planes only 2 hits
    Fig C8 AD@3 + if roll is a 1 get a bonus DF plane kill too.
    Tac C9 AD@3 roll 2 or less pick target
    Stg. C10 A 4@1 D2

    I don’t know if I can play this game without my naval planes. LOL

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    heh heh that ought to keep a guy busy

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