Non Combat Movement through former occupied sz or territory.

  • Movement through former occupied land and sea zone, during non combat movement phase:

    I could need some help on this for me and my group of players, mind troubling issue.

    A situation which occurs mainly in sea zones, but/ and could also occur on land territory.

    Situation on land:
    Is it possible to move a tank through an, in this turn during combat phase contested territory?
    I.e.: Germany occupies Poland and Belarus. Russian units still occupy Eastern Poland. It’s my turn.
    During the Combat Move Phase I decide to attack Eastern Poland with half of my tank forces from Poland. I win. Eastern Poland becomes German.
    Now I want to make my Non Combat moves.
    In Poland I have the other tank reserves, which didn’t participate in the attack.

    Question: Can I move these units from Poland during Non Combat moves, through the former hostile now occupied by my own forces territory (Eastern Poland), to reinforce, Belarus which was taken already by my forces in a previous turn?

    Situation at sea:
    Say, in SZ 113, I have an UK fleet of surface ships (skip submarines and transports ;o) )
    SZ 114 is an occupied SZ. This SZ is controlled by an enemy German Cruiser.
    During the combat movement phase, I decide to attack the contested SZ 114 with only the half of my fleet. I roll the dice and win. SZ 114 is no longer controlled by a hostile surface ship, or any other hostile ship for that matter.
    Now I want to make my Non Combat moves.
    In SZ 113 I have some remaining surface ships (used only half of my fleet during the attack on SZ 114).

    Question: Can I move (non combat movement) these fleet units in this same turn from SZ 113, through SZ 114 (where no longer a hostile is present), and into SZ 115?

    Can anyone clarify this issue for me, and where I might or could find it in the manual?

    Many thanks.

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    @Cpl-Hicks Yes to both.
    Page 22 (Rulebook Europe 1940.2) “Noncombat Move Phase” describes in the first clause that "In this phase, you can move any of your units that didn’t move in the Combat Move phase or participate in combat during your turn. "

    Further under the Sub-Headline “Where Units Can Move”, you will read that: “A land unit can move into any friendly or friendly neutral territory, including territories that were captured in the current turn.” and that “A sea unit can move through any friendly sea zone. It can’t move into or through a hostile sea zone.” The seazone in question is friendly when the Noncombat Move Phase starts.

    HTH 🙂

  • @Panther
    This is a really helpful answer.
    Thank you very much for your reply.

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    @Cpl-Hicks this is why its really cadgy to leave mobility units out of combat for later use/flexibility

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