U.K. Pieces Different Colors?

  • I just ordered a whole new set of playing pieces from Hasbro and I find that my new U.K. pieces are not tan! They are a light pea green! Completely different color than the pieces I got with the game. My new German Pieces are far lighter gray than my original pieces as well. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • I only recvently purchased my set… and the UK units are indeed sea foam green.

  • Umm you bought revised from Hasbro?  That might be the problem right there since AH now owns the game.

  • Well, my sea foam green units came in my game from AH.

    Also, there was a post here a while back where someone received info from AH that they would replace “defective” UK units.

    However, the sea faom green is actually close to the color of the UK territories on my board too, so no big deal.

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    I just ordered a whole new set of playing pieces from Hasbro…

    • slightly off topic -

    Where did you buy your new pieces from?  I mean, is there a website that you can order from?

    I’d love to get my hands on some extra pieces without having to buy another board.

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    Thanks Switch.

    Unfortunately the order form on that site is for North America only.  I did get some contact info for Hasbro Australia on there though.  I’ll try contacting them and see what they can do.

    Cheers  🙂

  • @Craig:


    Umm you bought revised from Hasbro?  That might be the problem right there since AH now owns the game.

    Hasbro owns the AH name and also owns WotC, who was given the task of doing the A&A revision.  Look at the box.  You will see a small WotC symbol on it.  There are also Hasbro symbols in the rule book.


    I stand corrected.  I had no Idea that Hasbro owned WotC.

  • Just to update an aspect of this thread…

    2 1/2 weeks ago I mailled an order to Hasbro for additional pieces:  2 each of Land/Air/Navy units; AA/IC; INF; and Chips.

    On Firday I received a letter that a portion of my order was being immediately shipped, but some items were on back-order.

    Today I received everything but the INF packs… tripling my count of chips, dice, and every type of unit except INF.  I will receive the INF as soon as they are again available (which should be shortly)

    Total cost was $33 bucks to triple my pieces.

    And yes, the additional UK units are also all sea foam green.

  • i bought rev2 froma gaming store. no JPN pieces included. made in CHN.

  • If you go to the Hasbro site and search around, there is a customer service contact listed.  They did have some glitches with some sets a while back (not sure what glitches) but if you contact them and let them know what happened, they may send you replcement pieces, gratis.

  • Further update for anyone considering ordering additional pieces…

    I received my back-ordered INF today, giving me a complete triple set of pieces.

    Again, the UK INF were Sea Foam Green…

    I did have to abandon my “floss boxes” for pieces (I was using 1 full sized box Axis, 1 full sized Allies, 1 half sized chips, etc).  I have replaced them with a small 26 drawer organizer.  With the dividers available, I was able to almost make one space for each type of unit (I still lumped all Capital ships into one of the larger drawers (still dividied by nation of course), and both bombers and FIGs share a drawer for each nation).  But otherwise, each nation is in its own row, and each unit is in its own drawer or within a section of a drawer.  It holds even the triple count of units nicely, and it is INCREDIBLY easy and quick to find what I need.

    For those who do not travel with their board, a great way to organize the whole thing 🙂

    Of course, with the vast increase in available units, now I REALLY need to get one of those oversized boards (but my table isn;t large enough to hold one 😞  )

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