• Im am hoping to make a good Soviet Army (150 pts), but I am wondering what units would be good and how many.  I am thinking of 1 heavy tank, 2 light tanks, and the rest would be 8 riflemen, 2 or 3 PPsh, 3 comissars, 1 red army FO, 1 sturmovik, and 2 katyushas.  Any other ideas of what type of army?

  • First off, Comissars suck. Use the Cossack Captain. The Katyusha’s aren’t as good as you think. Pretty much ANY unit in the game can destroy it, and if you roll bad for initiative and it’s out in the open, it’s toast. They are great however for first turn barrages, but don’t rely to heavily on them. I would also advise against so many infantry; your better off with a KV-1 and a Guards tank. The FO observer isn’t bad, but add a mortar or two so it’s more useful, because the enemy might have something nasty like a Wirbelwind or a couple Flak guns. I’m not familiar with all the new 3rd wave ruskies, but a SU might be worth a look.

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    I disagree with the assesment of the Commissar. It depends on the situation.

    For general purpose playing, yes the Cossack Captain riding on a KV-1 is a “broken” combination, and is much better than the Commissar.

    If you are playing a defensive scenario and you are the defender, you might want the Commissar and some of the Chinese infantry for fodder. (My group plays historically-reasonable, if they probably had a similar unit, then you can play it on that country’s force). In combination with some of the Soviet Mortars and ZUKs, the Commissar can be highly effective by vastly increasing your successful hits.

    The problem in most regular games is that you cannot afford 8 points of fodder for the Commissar. In fact, you can rarely afford 8 points that are not assigned to tanks.

  • Those sound like great ideas.  The Cossack Captain sounds way better than the Comissar.  Ill limit myself to just 1 Katyusha.  PPsh gunners sound like ownage so ill probaly get like 5 of them and the rest cheap infantry.

  • Considering how many people use the SS in their Axis armies, you might think it prudent to have a sniper or two laying around for those games you’ll be expecting them. SS Panzergrenadiers seem to be in every Axis army now-a-days (and with good reason, since they’re so good).


  • SMG’s can only attack at range 2 if I’m not mistaken. You’d be better off with some fanatical snipers, like GrimJesta said. Also, rather than loading up on alot of cheapies, invest in some more of the T-50, or, forgoe all your tanks for a single Joesph Stalin if your feeling lucky.

  • what about this
    KV-1 x2(64)
    Guards T-34/85(33)
    Cossack captx2(18)
    Mosin Nagantx5(15
    Fanatical sniperx2(16)

  • Yea actually some snipers sound good.  Those SS-Panzergrenadiers are tough to kill with regular infantry, and russian snipers can do it with their SS-Hunter ability.  Still some PPsh gunners would rock, they get good close combat rolls.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Don’t forget the SU-85. That is a solid tank. The difference between 14-12-10 and 13-11-9 is a lot bigger than you think.

  • @djensen:

    Don’t forget the SU-85. That is a solid tank. The difference between 14-12-10 and 13-11-9 is a lot bigger than you think.

    Those are solid numbers for that tank destroyer, but it has no turret.  Does the enemy unit have to be directly in front of it?  If so how do you get a tank in this units field of fire?

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    The target does not have to be directly in front of the SU-85. It needs to be in front of the SU-85 as defined in the rules. See the page where the rules explain what it means to be behind or on the flank of.

    All it really means is that you need to pay attention to facing when you end your movement.

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