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    While studying the world wars I thought of a concept that could potentially be translated into the game. I feel as though national unity or the home fronts willingness to continue the fight is not represented in the game. My suggestion is a score (maybe out of 100) that provides bonuses for higher scores and penalties for lower ones. (0-10, 10-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 80-90, 90-100). The effects of the bonuses or penalties should be country specific in my opinion.

    Perhaps units will cost more at very low score. Or they’ll fight worse. This idea is vaguely represented already through America’s limitations and war production.

    Attacking a nations will to fight could offer new strategic element to the game. For example, Germany could destroy or at least severely hinder Britain’s will to fight via submarine warfare, bombings, successful gains in Africa, hurting the RN, etc. Germany would not need to actually take Britain but instead just destroy their will to fight instead (which Britain should have natural bonuses for keeping their will to fight).

    On the flip side doing certain things can rally a populace. The German attack on the Soviet Union can inspire Britain and the Soviets. Same with America entering the war.

    With all units costing the same in V3 this can perhaps offer a more dynamic and fun way to alter nations strengths and weaknesses. A blockade on Germany or an Allied submarine off the coast of Sweden can raise the cost of German armour, for example.

    I think that an expansion like this would add a lot of flavour to the game. Why are your thoughts on this idea?

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    Interesting though. I’ve long thought about similar rules for minor nations. Have a sliding scale of who would join what alliance. It’s not unlike HBG’s expansion rule for diplomacy, I’ve just thought about this for a couple years haha.

    Yeah, have a scale, say 1-20. Strict neutrals start in the middle, others who may favor one side or the other start closer to who they favor (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary closer to the Axis at 20; Netherlands, Greece, etc. closer to the Allies at 0). Different factors cause nations to slide one way or the other. Money lent, other neutrals being attacked, etc.

    What I thought would be fun was to do similar to what you’re discussing. Have one of the ways they slide be major battles. Let’s say Romania has joined the Axis. They can still slide back to neutral status if things go wrong. If the Romanian’s lose more than 8 units in a single battle, for example, that might be bad for morale on the home front, so they slide down one towards the neutral scale. Maybe the USSR gets closer to their border, it would slide down again, etc.

    Interesting, you say all units will cost the same in V3? I kind of liked that some countries had advantages over others in different costs.

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    I’d actually discussed this in the below thread way back in 2015 haha.

    link text

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