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    I generally understand ladder play. I’m a bit confused by the different tiers such as gold, silver, etc. Do I have an opportunity to select the tier I want to play in? How does that happen? Why aren’t there any “Wood” tier players listed? Is there a way to get more details about the players listed in the tiers? Is it possible to message specific players and ask for a game? Is there a place in the online version where I can see a list of all the players regardless of tier? How can I set up a 1v1 ranked game? Is it possible to play 5 players? How about 1v2 players?

  • @rem400 Currently, it’s 1v1 only. Messaging specific players is not possible.
    Matchmaking automatically connects you to other players. Players must participate in 5 placement matches in order to determine their initial rank. Once ranked, you can select your preferred team (or no preference) and you will be paired with someone of a similar rank. https://www.beamdog.com/news/Patch-5-Turning-Point/

    No “Wood” tier players yet is most likely due to a not full list of Bronze players yet.

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    Thank you. I will read the blogs closer next time!

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