Beamdog's AA42 Online survey - What did you answer?

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    Starting from today Beamdog invites (by email) to a short web-based survey.

    Basically they ask if you would recommend the “1942 2nd Ed. Online” version or not.
    Also they want to know what would prevent you from recommending the game.
    Additionally they ask whether you would buy a tablet version or not.

    I think this is a good opportunity to somehow bundle how our community members feel about the game.

    So what did you answer - or what will you answer?

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    Starting with my own answer:

    I will “maybe” recommend the online game.

    Why maybe? While I don’t care much for example about graphics, sounds and cosmetics or the felt “randomness of dice results” I really do care about rules compliance. As other topics in this forum category indicate the game is somehow leaving the original idea of being as rules compliant as possible.

    So in order to recommend the game, to me it needs

    • either some rework to go back to full rules compliance
    • a clear statement, that the online game is not a 1:1 adaption of the OOB/LHTR game but a variant instead - ideally expressed by a dedicated rulebook or at least a fact-sheet that clearly points out all the differences from the boardgame.

    To me the online version could be an ideal way to create enthusiasm for the boardgames. But when coming to play the boardgames, online players will need to learn and accept the differences. That is somehow counterproductive, IMHO.

    Concerning the tablet version I would definitely buy it. We do not have any serious implementation of an A&A game, however it might be called.

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