AAA Anniversary Edition 1939 Variant.

  • The majority of this content was inspired by Imperious Leaders Global 1939 setup. This edition is tailored to be utilized on the OOB Anniversary Edition Board. With several modifications, Great Britain is now 2 separate territories (Scotland and England) and Japan is now two separate territories (Hokkaido the northern Island and Greater Japan) also the sea zone of japan is split into two 62a and 62b these territories are nearly split naturally and don’t hinder the game performance. see Pictures below.

    These rules employ all of the rules for AA50 including the optional rules. These new existing rules are added and supersede and replace out of the box AA50 rules where applicable.

    Winning the Game
    Victory Cities
    On the map are 21 victory cities, all crucial to the war effort. The selection of the 21 victory cities was based on the historical importance of the city at the time. “Importance” could be measured in terms of strategic location, industrial base, resources, or other important strategic factors.

    At the end of the United States player’s turn, check to see if either side has won the game based on the victory city condition you are playing to.
    Default “Surrender with Honor” 17
    Option 1 “Projection” 15
    Option 2 “Total War” 21
    If your side controls enough victory cities to achieve the preset victory condition, you all win the war. Otherwise, start a new turn and continue the conflict.

    Order of Play: Starting Income
    Wartime IPCs: are the Sum of all territory IPC values under that Nations Control
    Germany: starts with 24 IPC gain income from Finland and Romania if not conquered each round
    France: starts with 10 IPC
    Soviet Union: collects 20 IPC at war with Finland. (neutral till turn 3) Wartime IPC at 28 + more depending on the outcome of Finnish war and other Neutral Conquest.
    China: 0
    Japan: starts with 17 IPC
    United Kingdom: starts with 34 IPC
    Italy: starts with 12 IPC
    United States: collects 20 IPC (neutral till turn 4) Wartime IPCs begin at 37

    General situation:
    Begins at war against Poland (limited to no ground forces on Franko/German border able to participate in attacks against Poland Turn 1), also at war with France and England.
    Neutral with Russia until round 3.
    Total War: The German war economy increases by 10 IPC starting on turn 4.

    Is neutral until they activate earlier (declare war), or when Paris Falls (defeat of France). Italy can attack neutrals and avoid a general war, but cannot enter or fly over British or French territories.

    Begins at war with China.
    England and France declare war on Japan if they invade into any Neutral, English, or American territory (this includes passing through sea-zones).
    May enter into an agreement to split the territories East Indies and Borneo with England if England agrees to close the Burma Road.
    Enters at war with England if England activates a Pro-allies territory of East Indies or Borneo.
    America will declare war on Japan if Japan enters into any US control territory or sea-zone.

    Begins at war with Germany.
    When France falls (when Paris Falls), the territory of Algeria is turned into Vichy French and the territory belongs to the Germans and Germany is allowed to place 2 Infantry into Algeria the French forces there are removed from play if any. All remaining French forces that existed when Paris falls, are under British control except naval. These remaining French forces are considered Free French. All other territories that did belong to France are now totally under British control and Britain then collects the income for these territories.

    French Naval disposition:
    Procedure: Roll one d6 for each French ship:
    1 = Scuttled by English
    2= interned (remove from play)
    3= interned (remove from play)
    4= interned (remove from play)
    5= German ship
    6= German ship

    Begins at war with Germany.
    British controlled units may not enter any French territories, except France proper while France remains unconquered.
    Neutral with Japan unless Japan declares war or enters into any British Territory or Sea-zone. If Japan enters into a Neutral Pro-allied Territory then England and France declare war on Japan.
    Enters at war with Japan if England activates a Pro-allies territory of East Indies or Borneo.

    Neutral until turn 3 with Germany and Italy.
    May attack any neutral territory and pro-axis territory without entering into war with the axis.
    Non aggression pact with Japan until turn 4.

    Begins at war with Japan.
    May only move forces in and out of Chinese territories (Yunnan, Chinghai, Suiyuan, Ningxia, Hupeh, Fukien, Sikang, Kiangsu, and Manchuria) may also enter into the English territory of Kwangtung if taken by Japan.
    Every two territories under Chinese control can build one infantry. If they count an odd number, the fraction allows China to produce a unit equal to 4 IPCs if Burma Road is open.

    United States:
    The United States remains neutral unless attacked until turn 4.
    If any Axis player gets inside a sea zone adjacent to any US-controlled land territory or island, the US player will go to war with all Axis nations.
    US national production starts at a total of 20 IPC. Each new turn once at war the income grows and they can Lend-Lease income to UK. Starting on turn 5, the Soviet Union can receive this aid (lent on turn 4, received on turn 5).
    Once the United States enters the war on turn 4 or sooner, her income continues to grow each turn, until it reaches a total of 60 IPC. No matter what; the maximum amount of Lend-lease support is capped at 15 IPC to both UK and the Soviet Union during wartime.
    During her neutrality, Original American pieces remain in setup and cannot be moved. Only newly built naval or air units can be moved and only to sea zones or territories adjacent or within her national tokens as printed on the map.

    Summary of Income:
    Turn 1: 20 and no Lend Lease
    Turn 2: 20 and up to 5 Lend Lease
    Turn 3: 20 and up to 10 Lend Lease
    Turn 4: 37 and 10 Lend Lease
    Turn 5: 37 + 5 and 10 Lend Lease
    Turn 6: 37 + 10 and 15 Lend Lease
    Turn 7+: 37 + 15 and 15 Lend Lease

    Lend Lease:
    American aid to UK and/or the Soviet Union must go to purchase non-infantry types of units. The money is allocated on the American turn and spent on the following UK or Soviet turn and placed in an off map box known as a lend lease mobilization box. All aid has a one-turn delay, so the Soviet Union won’t see any money until her 5th turn.

    Losing your Capital:
    When you lose your capital, you immediately lose IPC equal to the value of the territory from your previously collected income total. Other Cities and Factories within your territory are still able to produce units. If a nation is reduced to only their capital city and this is taken then all saved IPCs are handed over to the conqueror.

    Scorched Earth:
    Any territory under attack that contains a factory and is captured results in the destruction of this unit. The new controlling player may build a new factory however. Exception: Cities never lose factory capability

    Production Capacity of Cities/Factories:
    Victory Cities now have the ability to produce units up to a certain capacity equal to the territories IPC value this rule applies to the purchase and placement of new factories in a separate territory. For example, Egypt which now has the Victory City of Cairo has an IPC value of two so its production capacity is equal to that. Following the production capacity chart, Egypt can only produce units that reach that capacity limit. Example infantry have a capacity of one so Egypt can produce a max of two infantry or in the case of destroyers which have a capacity of two; Egypt would only be able to produce only one and then reach the maximum capacity.
    Repairing ships also take up part in the total territory capacity.
    All cities are considered to have airbases and naval yards, but do not add to any additional movement points to units like Global Rules do.
    New Victory Cities to add are Cape Town in South Africa, Cairo in Egypt, and Tobruk in Lybia.
    Cities similar to Factories have an AntiAir Defense system like Global.

    Factories are allowed to be built in territories with an IPC amount of 2 or greater. These follow the same production rules as Victory Cities.

    Burma Road:
    Consist of the territories of India, Burma and Yunnan. If all remain entirely out of Japanese control, the Chinese may purchase any type of unit for China (up to an IPC value of 4) if an odd number fraction occurs with total territory sum. This unit must be placed in Yunnan. Japan and Britain may enter into an agreement closing the Burma Road to China if they agree to no hostilities between UK and Japan. This then will allow Japan and UK to split the money Islands for the resources.

    Fixed Fortifications are placed on Four areas of the map French/German border on both sides, Gibraltar, and Finland/Karelia border on Finish side. These fortifications increase Infantry and Artillery Defense to 3 but only if attacked at these border areas. An attack into France from the sea will not qualify the use of the defense bonus. In the event of multiple attacks into a territory by land such as attacking Germany from both Northwestern Europe and France the defense bonus automatically is applied.

    Repairing Units:
    Battleships, Carriers, and Tanks now take two hits to destroy. Can house rule to OOB hit points and Cost if desired. Any damaged units must be returned to a City/Factory to be repaired at a specific cost. Units returned to a factory or sea-zone containing one and are designated to be repaired are not repaired until the next turn of play by the owning faction. if an enemy nation that attacks these areas while repairs are being made the owning unit is still considered damaged during combat.

    Impassible Areas:
    Afghanistan, Himalayas, and the Sahara Desert are off-limits to land units. Air units may pass over them only in NCM phase.
    The Americans and British cannot enter the Baltic with airpower unless they control one side of the Danish straights.

    Attacks against any part of Finland and Norway are only for one round of combat due to the rugged nature of the terrain/weather.

    Interception, Escort, and Scramble:
    Limited to only 1 Fighter or Tactical Bomber. Similar to the 1940 Global rules.

    1939 Setups:

    Germany: 24 IPCs
    Eastern Section of Territory: 7 Inf, 2 Art, 2 Mech, 2 Tanks, 1 Tank Destroyer, 2 Fighters, 2 Bombers, 1 AA
    Central Germany: Industrial Complex, 2 Inf, 1 Tank Destroyer, 2 Paratroopers and Transport, 1 Fighter
    Western Section of Territory: 7 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Tank, 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber, 1 AA.(The ground units can not attack into Poland Turn 1.)
    Slovakia: 3 Inf, 1 Art, 2 Tanks, 1 Tactical Bomber, 1 AA gun
    Black Sea SZ 5: 1 BB, 1 CA, 1 DD, 2 SS, 2 Transport
    Sea Zones: 3, 6, 9, 11, 1 SS each
    Sea Zone 8: 2 SS

    Minor-Axis Allies: Income goes to Germany(Minors can not move from starting territory by Germany until turn 3 at which point they are under German control)
    If Allied players attack these territories this does not enter them into war with the Axis.
    Ex:(Russia attacks Finland does not enter them at war with Germany)
    Finland: 6 Inf, 1 tank, 1 Art, 1 Fortification on Finish/Karlia boarder
    Romania: 8 Inf, 2 Art, 1 Mech, 1 Tank
    Argentina: 2 Inf

    Italy: 12 IPCs
    Italy: 6 Inf, 2 Art, 1 Tank, 2 Fighters, 1 Bomber, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun
    Libia: 4 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech, 1 Tank
    Italian East Africa: 2 Inf
    Sea Zone 14: 1 BB, 1 CA, 2 DD, 1 SS, 1 Transport

    Japan: 17 IPCs
    Japan: 4 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech, 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun, 1 Paratrooper and Transport
    Manchukuo: 5 Inf, 1 Tank, 1 Tank Destroyer, 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber
    Kiangsu: 3 Inf, 1 Fighter, 1 AA
    Hokkaido (Northern Island of Japan is its own Territory): 1 Inf
    Iwo Jima: 1 Inf
    Okinawa: 2 Inf
    Formosa: 1 Inf
    French Indo China: 1 Inf
    Caroline Islands: 2 Inf, 1 Fighter
    Sea Zone 62: 1 BB, 2 CV, (with 1 Fighter and 1 Tactical bomber each), 1 CA, 2 DD, 1 SS, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 62a (Western Side of Japan is now its own territory): 1 DD, 1 SS, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 51: 1 BB, 1 CV (with 1 Fighter and 1 Tactical bomber), 1 CA, 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 61: 1 CA, 1 DD, 1 Transport

    French: 10 IPCs
    France: 6 Inf, 2 Art, 1 Mech Inf, 2 Tanks, 2 Fighters, 1 Factory, 1 AA, 1 Fortification (on Franco-German border) 1 UK Inf
    Trans Jordan: 1 Inf
    Algeria: 2 Inf
    French West Africa: 1 Inf
    French Madagaskar: 1 Inf
    French Central Africa: 1 Inf
    Sea Zone 7: 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 13: 1 CA, 1 DD, 1 Transport

    United Kingdom: 34 IPCs
    England: 3 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Tank, 2 Fighters, 1 Bomber, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun, 1 Paratrooper and Transport
    Scotland (Now its own territory): 1 Inf, 1 Fighter, 1 AA
    Egypt: 1 Inf,1 Mech Inf, 1 Art, 1 Tank, 1 Tank Destroyer, 1 AA
    Gibraltar: 1 Inf, 1 Fortification
    Anglo-Egypt Sudan: 1 Inf
    Rhodesia: 1 Inf
    Union of South Africa: 1 Inf
    India: 3 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun
    Kwangtung: 1 Inf
    Burma: 2 Inf
    Eastern Canada: 2 Inf, 1 Tank
    Western Canada: 2 Inf
    New Zealand: 1 Inf
    Australia: 4 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Fighter, 1 Factory, 1 AA
    Sea Zone 1: 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 2: 1 BB, 1 CA, 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 8: 1 BB 1 DD
    Sea Zone 12: 1 CV (with 1 fighter and 1 Tactical Bomber), 1 DD
    Sea Zone 15: 1 DD, 1 CA, 1 Transport, 1 Escort Carrier (with 1 Fighter)
    Sea Zone 27: 1 CA
    Sea Zone 35: 1 CA, 1 DD, 1 Transport, 1 Escort Carrier (with 1 Tactical Bomber)
    Sea Zone 37: 1 BB
    Sea Zone 39: 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 41: 1 DD, 1 SS, 1 Transport

    Soviet Union: 20 IPCs
    Karelia: 5 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Fighter, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun
    Archangel: 1 Inf
    Belarus: 2 Inf., 1 Art, 1 Tank
    Ukrainian: 1 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Tank, 1 Fighter, 1 AA gun
    Eastern Ukraine: 2 Inf
    Moscow: 2 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech, 1 Tank, 1 Tank Destroyer, 1 Fighter, 1 Bomber, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun
    Caucasus: 4 Inf, 1 Factory, 1 AA gun
    Kazak: 1 Inf
    Buryatia: 5 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech, 1 Tank, 1 Fighter, 1 AA
    Novosibirsk: 1 Inf
    Sea Zone 4: 1DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 5: 1DD
    Sea Zone 16: 1 SS
    Sea Zone 62: 1SS

    United States: 20 IPCs
    Eastern USA: 2 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Tank, 1 Mech, 1 Fighter, 1 Major factory, 1 AA gun, 1 Paratrooper and Transport
    Central USA: 2 Inf, 1 Tank, 1 Tank Destroyer
    Pacific States: 2 Inf, 1 Mech, 1 Bomber, 1 Major factory, 1 AA gun
    Philippines: 2 Inf, 1 Art
    Mexico: 1 Inf
    Panama: 1 Inf
    Hawaii: 1 Inf, 1 Tactical Bomber
    Alaska Range: 1 Inf
    Sea Zone 10: 1 BB, 1 CV (with 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber), 1 DD, 2 Transport
    Sea Zone 19: 1 SS
    Sea Zone 20: 1 DD
    Sea Zone 50: 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 53: 2 BB, 1 DD, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 56: 1 CV (with 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber), 1 CA, 1 Transport
    Sea Zone 57: 1 SS

    Yunnan: 3 Infantry, 1 Art, 1 Fighter
    Chinghai: 3 Inf
    Suiyuan: 2 Inf
    Ningxia: 2 Inf
    Hupeh: 2 Inf
    Fukien: 2 Inf
    Sikang: 2 Inf

    Pro-Allied Neutrals:
    (If an allied player enters into any of these Pro-Allied countries the units in that country become that players to control).
    Brazil: 2 Inf, 1 Art
    Persia: 1 Inf
    Central Congo: 1 Inf
    East Indies: 1 Inf
    Borneo: 1 Inf
    New Guinea: 1 Inf

    Norway: 1 Inf
    Balkans: 4 Inf
    Baltic States: 2 Inf
    West Poland: 4 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Fighter
    East Poland: 3 Inf
    Northwestern Europe: 1 Inf

    Unit Changes:

    Infantry C3 A1 D2 M1 CAP1. If paired with Artillery attacks at 2

    Paratrooper C4 A1 D2 M1 CAP1 Airborne Attack 2 similar to Sub sneak attack Unless a AA gun is defending. For airborne drop a paratrooper must be loaded in a territory with a city. Also able to NCM to another City in a transport plane.

    Mechanized Infantry C4 A1 D2 M2 CAP2 Blitz with Tanks. Can tow Artillery 2 spaced in NCM

    Artillery C4 A2 D2 M1 CAP2 Paired with Infantry. Can be towed 2 spaces in NCM with Mech

    Tanks C7 A3 D3 M2 CAP3 Blitz. Can absorb 2 hits

    Damaged Tank Repair Cost of 2 at Factory A1 D1 M1

    Tank Destroyers C6 A3 D2 M2 CAP3 Blitz. Only absorbs 1 hit. Die rolls of 1 knock out a tank or mechanized unit.

    Transport Planes C8 A0 D0 M6 CAP2 Drops 1 Paratrooper. Must Drop Paratrooper within 4 spaces, can only pick up troopers at cities.

    Fighters C10 3 A3 D4 M3

    Tactical Bombers C10 A3 D2 M4 3 Paired with a Tank attacks at 4. Tank remains a 3

    Bomber C12 A4 D1 M6 4 Strategic Bombing

    Transports C7 A0 D0 M2 CAP2

    Subs C6 A2 D1 M2 CAP2 Sneak Attack 2. Wolf Pack of 3 or more can Sneak Attack at 3:1 ratio of Subs and Destroyers

    Destroyers C8 A2 D2 M2 CAP2

    Cruisers C10 A3 D3 M2 CAP3 Bombard

    Battleships C20 A4 D4 M2 CAP5 Bombard

    Damaged Battleships Repair Cost of 3 at Factory A2 D2 M1

    Escort Carrier C9 A0 D1 M2 CAP2 If paired with TB can use ASW. Only Carries 1 Airplane

    Carrier C14 A1 D2 M2 CAP4

    Damaged Carrier Repair Cost of 3 at Factory A0 D1 M1. Only carries 1 plane while damaged

    AA Gun C5 A1 D1 M1 CAP2 Barrage a territory adjacent to it for a 1 or less.
    Can be taken as casualties. Can be towed with Mech 2 spaces in NCM

    Factories C15 Similar rules to Global all Factories have an AA defense.

    V1 Rocket C4 A0 D0 M4 CAP2 Can only be purchased by Germany. Only launch against Cities/Factories roll a Die and the number present is total damage produced similar to Strategic Bombing Raids. It can be intercepted or shot down by AA.

    [1_1565659913670_Global 1939 Anniversary setup.docx](Uploading 100%) ![0_1565659913669_Anniversary.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • 2020 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    How does your CAP work ?
    Your V-1 Rocket should be intercepted by a plane or AA gun.

    By chance did I send you the 39 rules to you ?

  • 2017 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    2 hit tanks will destroy the game!

  • @Imperious-Leader That would be OP in the traditional AaA rule set., but this variant has some other rules you may have missed that do hinder spamming tanks.

    1. Tanks have a higher ICP cost now of 7.
    2. They do not get auto repaired at the end of combat like original OOB BBs; but must return to a city or industrial complex that has the capacity to repair it or continue fighting at a damaged condition of A1D1M1.
    3. The new Capacity rule set would not allow many tanks to be purchased in one go (production capacity is at 3 to manufacture a new tank and to repair cost 2 capacity.
      So if we would look at the territory of Poland for instance with its Victory City of Warsaw and its ICP value of 3. So its production capacity is equivalent to 3 that would allow only 1 tank max to be produced there and then its capacity to produce is maxed not allowing any other purchases. If a damaged tank was to be in that territory and the owning player wished to repair it during the appropriate phase that would take up 2 of its 3 CAP.

    This is a work in progress and rules can be changed. Play testing I have done seems to be fair for each nation. This above rule to me gives the game a more historical accuracy on builds; each nation could only produce certain numbers of tanks, planes, ect based on their own industrial capability at that time. I encourage all to play test and leave feedback so the variant can be fine tuned.


  • @SS-GEN Yes you did. That helped me come up with a good balance for the anniversary map. Thanks for the feedback on the V1s didn’t see that typo.

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