Happy Anniversary to Me :-)

  • Well, for anyone who cares…

    Tomorrow (Sunday) marks 2 years of wedded bliss to my darling Angel.

  • Happy Anniversary. At least you remembered it.

  • Yes I did, and we hit every jewelry store at Southpoint today… and she left happy 😄

  • When are we going to see the wedding photos?  Or do we even want to?  😮

    Congrats, you lucky guy - but please give her my sympathy.  😉

  • Congrats, man; you’re still alive :P.

  • Post wedding pics?

    How in the heck would I do that on a text board???

    Besides, I DO have wedding pics up… just have to go look 🙂

  • geez, i feel sorry for her.

    jk Switch, happy anniversary! :mrgreen:

  • TY, TY.

    We are having a great day.  Slipping in a little gaming in among some great food, some fantastic wine, a bit of landscaping work in the front yard, and of course a re-creation of our wedding night  :mrgreen:

  • @ncscswitch:

    Post wedding pics?

    How in the heck would I do that on a text board???

    Besides, I DO have wedding pics up… just have to go look 🙂

    You can post pics, there’s a button for it (most newer forums allow it).  Hopefully by telling you this I didn’t cause a nightmare…

    So, yeah, I searched, here’s what I came up with.  The wedding (wow, switch, you dressed up!):

    And here is the reception:

    And the honeymoon:

  • OK, I still can;t figure out how to actually post a pic, but here is a link to several…


    Go beyond that album at your own risk…  :mrgreen:

  • Nice pics - was the wedding on a boat?  Looks pretty cool to me.  Nice tux.  🙂

    The button second from the left in the second row is what you use.  It works just like the add link button.  It will create the tags, and you can insert the webaddress in there (if it points to a single site).  Just be warned that some sites reroute the web address so that you can’t link to it directly.

    For example:

    (open bracket)img(/closed bracket)http://www.baby-moon.org/Images/birthstories/Mary_Milo_ed.jpg(open bracket)img(/closed bracket) would produce this picture:

    So I guess my joke wasn’t that funny?  😛  And yes, that’s my boy being held by his mom.  😄

  • Nice wedding photos! Switch, you sure are ugly. And why is the bride upside down sucking on that thing?

  • Yep, we were married on board the Kingston Lady on the Waccamaw River south of Conway, SC.  The cypress cove in one of the pics is where the actual ceremony occured.

    We had a great wedding package… one check and most of it was handled… the location for the ceremony, our accomodations at a 4 star B&B, flowers, officiant…  everything but her dress, my tux, and the rings 🙂  All we had to do was show up… Angel the day before, me the day of.

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