• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em1tN3NKgRI

    This is the first installment of 3 videos I have for air power in War Room.

  • Bombers are too mindbogglingly powerful. Something needs to be done to nerf their strategic damage output.
    Possibly, require 2 of a color to kill a unit under production, rather than just 1 of a color. This reduces a bomber from possibly killing 4 units under construction to a maximum of 2.

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    Yeah, I wondered about that when I saw the rules. Most of the pricier units (BBs, Carriers, Armor, etc.) require multiple hits to destroy in combat, but you can kill them with one hit from a strategic bombing raid. What’s the counter to strategic bombing? How do you stop it?

  • '17 Customizer

    Any air combat hits are most likely taken against incoming bombers and from our games there are is usually only one or two bombers in a raid. If one protects important territories with perhaps 3 fighters then that should take care of one bomber. Any tanks or artillery will also get AAA.

    Losing rail or a factory space or a resource is not that devastating overall. Losing a stack of units under construction is painful and thus one has to consider where to build and how much to protect.

    Do not see an issue yet with strategic bombing or surface bombing. Bombers are costly and vulnerable (i.e. fist hit).

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