Opinion: 24 hours isn't long enough for ranked play

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    Especially on the weekends, this can be a burden. Somebody played their turn at 8pm on Friday night. I didn’t have time all day on Saturday to play, until 9pm but I lost the entire ranked game because I jumped on 1 hour too late. Since there is no way to play mobile, I think 24 hours is too short. I think there should be a 24 warning + 12 hours to complete your turn.

    There should also be a way to request an extension from your opponent or maybe you get 2 free extensions per game.

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    Being self-employed I have a lot of schedule flexibility; however, there are times when I must travel. That puts enormous pressure on me to find time to complete a turn. I don’t need additional distractions on the road - ya know? Something other than a hard 24 hour deadline would be appreciated.

  • Originally it was 12 hours (since we had received so much feedback about wanting a “live” game experience) but, we found 12 hours to be far too aggressive and 24 felt a lot better. We want Ranked/Ladder games to feel important and having a more aggressive time frame on there felt like a good way to go about that. I wouldn’t ever say never, but there aren’t currently any plans to adjust the timer from beyond 24 hours.

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    I’m sure all you have to do is look at how many abandoned vs. completed games you have in ranked play. So far, I’ve yet to finish a Ranked game. I’ve played 6, and accidentally abandoned one myself.

    I think it’s a problem. How can it be ranked if the games never actually finish? Maybe I’m the anomaly where 100% of my games ended in timeouts.

    The most recent one was still effectively tied but they didn’t get their turn in time and I’m the winner? 😕

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    Cool, cool, cool. I just lost my second game because of my incompetence at remembering when I had to get my round done by. I missed it by 40 minutes.

    I’m having a good fun game that’s not ranked. It’ll be hard to match that game. I might just chill on the ranked games for a long while.

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