The Good Captain (Allies) vs. Mr. Wool (Axis) Game 4

  • That about does it. I’m ready to concede at this point. Great game!

  • You are an exceptional opponent Mr. Wool.

    I’ll say publicly that my position now is that the Axis do not have the initiative in this game (I’m not saying anything about balance with that statement). The allies decide how they will prosecute the war using either the Spanish Harlem or the two industry UK strategy or some other amalgamation that may exist. The Axis must do what the axis must do and if they can’t punch/receive at least average or better with their dice on the first two turns, they will be hard pressed to recover.

    Sending you a PM to ask your opinion on a few things.

  • @AcesWild5049 That seems like a fair analysis on who takes the initiative. The one exception would be the “Race to Russia” strategy where Germany neglects Africa, Japan mostly neglects the Pacific, and they both dedicate every resource to sacking Moscow by turn 4. I think many players are hesitant to try this approach with the Axis because it seems like a newbie strategy. In my experience, though, it’s no more than the tiniest bit less effective than the top Axis strategies. For the very best strategies, though, I don’t see any exception to your assertion that the Allies take the initiative.

  • @ericwool I was contemplating asking for another game w/ you where I was the axis but I don’t think its necessary now as everything you just said is on point IMO. In my second game with CrazyIvan, I figured he would perform the two IC with UK and I “panicked” and performed this exact strategy to good effect.

    However, I have run it through in solitaire several times and if the Allies see it coming, it can be countered to the Allied advantage, although not a complete guarantee. You worded it well by saying, “it’s no more than the tiniest bit less effective than the top Axis strategies.”

  • I’m going to prepare another AnA Classic video and put all this on the record: Spanish Harlem, two industries, and the overall allied initiative issue. Before I do that, I’m highly interested to hear what you consider a proper balance.

  • I also think 4 games is a good stopping point. I learned a ton from our games, and I’m eager to spend some time studying the board and playing a variety of opponents. A big thank you for taking the time!

    Regarding the proper balance, I believe the game is 10 IPCs in the Allies’ favor. That’s based on giving the Axis extra IPCs to start the game. I’ve never played with adding units to the board. I would have said 12-14 before our games, but I like some the subtle wrinkles you showed in the Axis mid-game.

  • @ericwool I very much enjoyed these games as well. If you ever want to play AnA of any version in the future. Count me as available.

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