Looking for a new multiplayer RPG

  • So my friend and i have (finally) finished the Neverwinter Nights series.  We are looking for a new one to play.  We are considering The Elder Scrolls sequal to Morrowwind.  Does anyone have any interesting ideas?
    preferably in the NWN/BG vein

  • You aren’t looking for an MMO one, right?

    Ever try Diablo 2?  It’s been out for quite some time, but is fun and relatively easy to pick up.  It eventually gets repetitive, unless you play with other people.

    I’m sure the Elder Scrolls series is a good choice; I got to play a reasonable amount of the 3rd and it was fun.

    I like Jagged Alliance 2, if you don’t mind getting away from the swords & spells games.  Quite a bit of RPG, character building, and strategy all in one.  Never finished it though…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Fallout 1 och 2, not great grafic (kinda bad) but a very good RPG game.

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