• In AnA classic it says that neutral countries can be violated for 3 IPCs. It would appear to me that Spain would be a very good target to build up a force in Europe. The USA for UK could force Germany to add many more troops to Western Europe. Attacking the force in Spain would make Western Europe vulnerable to amphibious assault. If Germany does nothing, twice as many allied fighters can be brought to the fight in Western Europe then by amphibious assault alone.

    Has anyone done this? I am prepping for my first game in about 6 years and want to try some new strategies

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    The strategy of attacking Spain with the Allies to mess up Germany has been done so much some have a name for it: The Spanish Harlem. Check out that plan and more at Silex’s A&A page.


  • Thank you for sharing that website. I will study what they have to say.

  • @Midwit-player hello. 3° edition rules don’t adres this topic in manual and Options. But in the actual game play, you can attack a neutral, need to pay 3IPC, you cant move in to, in non combat, its ilegal. So not change there.

    But you can house rule neutrals, examples 1 don’t attack and don’t enter. 2 give them a IPC valor of one or two, them 1 ipc = one dice, 2 ipc = dice, the number you roll is the number of infantry that neutral have, and is the number you need to defeat, if you don’t win, the other Alliance players can add that neutral army and IPC in not combat face.

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    @Valladares: I always like the way The World at War covered it, with set IPC values for neutrals and set orders of battle for each neutral. That seemed right, knowing the risks and rewards before attacking. Some neutrals had fighters and some had submarines, which was period accurate. Might have to dig out my old game information and put that up.


  • Spain is an easy example to understand why there neutrality might be violated. Does anyone have good reason to violate other neutral territories?

    Mongolia seems like the next logical option, probably as Japan. Maybe to threaten getting behind the Russian lines forcing them to retreat?

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    Ya the guys in above posts have good ideas too. Depends on what your looking for in your game. I like where you can also influence a strict neutral too.
    Mongolia should be a Pro-Russian neutral period.

  • Well, the 3°ed rules (PC GAME 1998) still permit you to put a industrial complex in a neutral, but you can only make one unit on it.

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