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    Another clarification here that I had yet to come across. My German fleet attacked a Russian fleet. No planes were involved, and Russia had, I believe, 3 subs.

    Rules state that subs can only be seen by planes in this game (unlike in A&A where it’s destroyers). Because I had no planes present, the rules read to me that the Russian subs could not partake in the battle.

    Is this accurate?

    A follow up, what if the Russian player wanted his subs in the fight? Is he just SOL there, and they have to submerge? Or does he somehow get the option to choose to have them defend if he wanted?

    Thanks again!


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    The lack of planes on CAP means that he has the option whether to enter the fight with his subs or to submerge with them. He could also take part and then submerge after any round of combat instead of rolling for the subs.

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    Thanks GHG! Good to know I was wrong there. I took it to mean that they weren’t eligible, but that did seem unfair to the defending player.

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