National Objectives - Germany - Page 36.

  • Theme: High Strategic and Propaganda Value.
    It is not clear what is happening here. Wording and punctation is messy, the conjunctions “and/or” at the end doesn’t help either.

    It states:
    5 IPC per territory if Germany controls (1)Novgorod, (2)Volgograd, and/or (3)Russia.

    As it is put here to me they are “chained”:

    first interpretation is
    You control 1, 2, and 3 (you get 15 IPC with the and conjunction)

    second interpretation is
    You control 1, 2, or 3 (you get 10 IPC with the or conjunction - 1,2 - 1,3)

    Please send me a thoughtful and logic answer. Think about the conjunctions in the end (and/or) even if you are telling me that they can be conquered separately, explain the why of the conjunctions.
    Thank you and Regards.

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    @mirkobruner i dont understand the problem, nothing is unclear here. It is 5 IPC per territory, so its 5,10 or 15 depending on how many of the three you control

  • @oysteilo Thanks, I don’t understand the and/or conjungtions. Explain please.

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    @mirkobruner i think the “or” refers to the possible scenario where you control Russia, but not control novgorod and volgograd. Or you control russia and one of the two others

  • Official Q&A

    “And/or” means that the list may be interpreted either way, as either an “and” or an “or”. For instance, “A and/or B” means the same as “A, B, or both A and B”, whereas “A or B” strictly means one or the other, but not both, and “A and B” means only both. In the case in question, the objective is awarded as long as any combination of some or all of the three territories is controlled.

  • @Krieghund Thanks, but then they should have worded it: controls any of these territories. In this way It is like if I was saying to you: in order the bake a cake You need Eggs, Strawberry, and/or Cinnamon.

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    @mirkobruner I see you are in London.
    How long have you been playing A&A?
    We play in Derbyshire on a Sunday once every three months ( not Global though). Is that too far for you to travel . Is A few miles south of Derby.

  • @Wittmann Unfortunately It is too far from where I Live. We have a group on FaceBook called the London Fighters and Play every now and then. If it happens for you to find yourself in London join us for the fight. Next Global Game is set for the 24th of November 2019. Regards.

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