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    despite even my own complaints, most of the problems with the game seem to have been hashed out and I think the game is just great.

    I do think however that having played the physical game about 60-70 times in 2017 and this computer version about 35 times…the axis have a pretty big advantage. I have found plenty of competitive players that know the game well and don’t leave big openings.

    I would say that I think the rules changes to facilitate online play are an advantage to the Axis. The allies have a more complex sea defense, which is complicated by the order of casualties change. The allies would also use each others carriers and transports much more often than the axis would.

    I think that means that a bid is still needed to make the allies side viable. Or a 42.4 version with further tweaks to help the allies.

    Game notes about the core game regardless of the AXA ONLINE changes;
    The axis can have some pretty crappy luck and use some pretty formulaic buys and moves and still win. Most players dont give up moscow easily, but there really isn’t much of a rush to take it over and once the axis can control caucasus and japan has a few factories, the pressure is just too much and the allies get trapped with an 8$ russia.

    If the allies could defeat berlin, then there would be some doubt about the long game…but once the KGF is forming up most players are dropping a few guys on europe, dancing back and forth. Germany can defeat this plan with ease and I’ve yet to see players who build up for 6 turns then drop everything in one giant mass in france. I’d try a US norway factory again and liberation “over the top” but Germany only stands to lose 6 bucks of income from africa and scandanavia and less if the allies build up as I’m suggesting. Germany can crush most landings with 1 turn worth of buys, and since the allies can’t cross in 1 turn, its pretty easy to defend on the land (i never buy germany navy or bombers, just 1/2/5 pretty much every turn, then convert to 3/3/3-4 if berlin is threatened)

  • Thank you, @taamvan. The goal of the Early Access is to listen to the feedback of players around the world. We’re certainly hearing suggestions about the allied carriers and transports! 😉

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