• In this video I discuss an Idea of how to manage stress.


    I was talking with some of my war room buddies last night and they are 50/50 on the idea.

    The idea I threw out, for those who do not like video, is that nations with a 6 or 7 stress threshold should strive to collect a combo of 5 medals and or Civillian Goods. So, if you hit 6 stress points you go up one level on the stress wheel but then you spend your combo of 5 to reduce it back down. So in essence you get a discount of reducing 6 or 7 stress for 5 with the combo.

    The downside that was talked about revolved around the idea that you are making some assumptions of the next turn. That it is really difficult to forecast how many medals you will earn and how much of your production you will “waste” on Civillian goods. Now the idea that purchasing CG is a waste, I think is still up in the air.

    What do you guys think? I think it is a good idea but then again I can see the argument to just trade one for one when ever you can.

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    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. If your stressed time for stronger inhibiters ! Great vids.

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    Pop a couple valium and attack everybody. Sorry I should actually watch the vid before commenting : )

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