Turkey At War Expansion - Influence

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    Hey all!

    So, just looking at the Turkey at War rules again. Had a question.

    The Influence Modifiers Table 1-1 lists the different ways to modify influence (obviously). Are those modifiers for "modifying the die roll for influence? Or does doing any of those things just count as an influence point?

    To me, the table name being “Influence Modifier” is no different than the convoy raiding modifier meaning. For example, if I lend lease a unit to Turkey, and then roll a “4” for my influence roll, does that +1 for the lend lease make my roll a “3”, thus gaining an influence point?

    Or, as asked earlier, does lend leasing a unit just automatically gain an influence point for you?

    I guess it’s that word “modifier” that’s throwing me off.



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    Lend leasing does not give you a point. It simply adds 1 to your influence roll. In other words, on a roll of 4 you get a point instead of a roll of 3. We never lend lease a unit because you don’t know who will get Turkey in the end. We only give them 1 IPP because it’s the least you can do and still get that +1. All of those other influencers works the same way. The only way you can get a point is rolling the 3 or 4 or less (depending on modifier). You could get more than 1 influence point on the same roll by having more than 1 modifier. eg… Italy possesses Malta plus lend leases to Turkey-Italy would roll at 5 or less.

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    Thanks @GeneralHandGrenade, that’s how I was reading it ultimately too! It just seemed worded funny to me for some reason.

    I agree with you though, sending a unit seem very risky indeed, especially if sending 1 IPP gives you the same modifier anyways!

  • Yeah you should only Lend Lease if you have the dominate influence against Turkey.

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