Winter 2019/20 Battle of Britain - 12th January 2020

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    I will put up a battle report for our autumn event last weekend shortly, I hope, but in the meantime here is notification of the next one.

    If you want to join us in Derbyshire on 12 January just reply to this thread or message Private Panic via this forum. We have 12 regular players and usually have 9 or more attending, which typically means 3 games - one each of 1942.2, Anniversary and 1914. If you know any one of these variants you will fit right in!

    The event is held in Derbyshire, which is about as central to England as you can get. Players come from as far afield as Hereford, Hull, Milton Keynes and Warrington.

    (PS The Spring 2020 event will be on 29 March)

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  • @Private-Panic
    Pencil me in for this buddy.
    Does no one fancy Global 1940 at this event?

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    Hi there DB

    You are pencilled in. You have a couple of emails from me.

    Global 40 cannot be played in a day unfortunately. However getting to know the group gives players a chance to organise other games outside the event. I have been known to travel to Hull, Hereford and Manchester for such games and am currently in the midst of a game of 36 Global with two others who come to the BoB.


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