UK World War Two Bombing Site Map

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    UK World War Two Bombing Site Map

    Here’s something that may interest folks who like data and statistics about WWII:

    UK World War Two bombing sites revealed in online map
    16 October 2019

    A new map that plots every German air raid on the UK during World War Two has been released online.

    A researcher from the University of York used wartime intelligence reports to compile the Bombing Britain database ( of more than 30,000 locations.

    Dr Laura Blomvall, who carried out the research, said the raids stretched from the Orkney Islands to the Isles of Scilly.

    The map has been launched to mark the 80th anniversary of the first raid.

    German bombers attacked the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh on 16 October 1939. The last raid was a V2 rocket attack near Iwade in Kent on 29 March 1945.

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