Battle of France 1940 Redux

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    As mentioned in another thread, we’ve started to do a revamp of the ol’ Battle of France 1940, designed by Sean-Michael Inc and previously sold by Field Marshal Games!

    It’s only been a day but things are coming along nicely;

    • Rulebook has been re-written with a lot of clean up and corrections

    • Combat Cards have been re-designed and fit to a standard poker size card

    Next up we’ll work on the map and then start getting things looking pretty.

    I’ve got some questions for those of you who may be interested in the game however;

    1. What format would you prefer to see the game published in;
      a) Print and Play (aka - Do it yourself, print all the files and assemble) for a nominal fee
      b) Fully manufactured production (including box and all components needed to play)
      c) Partially manufactured (and therefore cheaper) production (rules, cards, map, some tokens, NO Box, NO minis)
      d) Some combination of these options being available

    2. What price point would be fair for each of the above, in your estimation?

    Obviously a fully manufactured solution, with minis, would be a HUGE production and cost more than the other options, but would be way cooler, but we realize that most of you have minis coming out the wazoo already so that may not be appealing to many of you (or it may, who knows?)! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for any feedback and I’ll keep everyone posted on progress.

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    do as before. supply map cards and rules. we also house ruled that no cards are drawn on the final turn. We also reduced to one armistice card only.

  • I would go with option C - Partial manufacture without minis. Some sort of box/cover with artwork would be appreciated!

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    Progress update:

    • Rules completed
    • Combat Cards completed
    • Board/Map about 90%

    I’m going to have 3 versions of this available on The Game Crafter for anyone interested. We would consider running a crowdfunding campaign to do a full print run of 500+ copies, however we would need at least 250 people to pledge for the game at ~us$60 during the campaign in order to fund the project. We feel this is the best middle ground available with the most options for the lowest overall cost.

    (The Game Crafter is a Print on Demand board game service located in the US. They will take your order, print and assemble the product and ship it to you, allowing us to do as few as 1 copy of the game).

    • Full box version (minus combat unit miniatures) for ~us$60
    • “Minimalist” version (physical print of the board, rules, cards and control/player power tokens) for ~us$40
      * ‘Minimalist’ Does not include box, round marker, dice, draw bag, chips or combat units.
    • Digital Only version (digital files only for the board, rules and cards) for ~us$5
      * includes only digital files for you to print out as you see fit.

    Contents (full box version)

    • Rule book
    • Game Map (18 x 27 inch/460x865mm, 6 fold board)
    • Game Round Marker (red 15mm wood cube)
    • Combat Cards (18) (4 French, 4 German, 4 British, 6 ‘General’)
    • 6 sided dice (6) (3 red, 3 black, 16mm acrylic with standard white pips)
    • Player Power Chits (15 France, 15 Britain, 15 Germany) (18mm round cardboard tokens)
    • Cloth Draw Bag
    • Box


    • Multiplier Chips
    • Combat Unit Miniatures (french, british and german pieces).

    You can download the rules and keep up to date on the release or any other major changes/announcements at our website :

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    Expected release is Mid June, 2020

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    Do please update us when this is available!


  • I’m super looking forward to this! Been looking for this game for a long time. Thank you!

  • Also, any chance you could post the crowdfunding in one of the FB groups when it’s ready to go? I don’t visit this site that often.

    EDIT: I decided to set up email notifications, that’ll work too.

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