Hybrid cars, Alternative fuels, vacations and you…

  • I recently heard that Honda is reducing its production of hybrids as there is a lag in sales.

    I also heard/saw on network news that alternative fuels are not plentiful enough…showed closed fuel stations as out of fuel.

    I heard on the Radio Network news this morning that Shell has not found enough oil reserves to replace what it is currently pumping.  Only able to immediately replace 65%.  The other two Big Oil(BP & ??) were 118 and 95% percent.  Shell was said to have to work twice as hard to keep even.

    Will you sell your SUV/Hummer/V8 as a gas guzzler?
    Are you looking at buying a hybrid?
    Will you put up with drilling off your coast or vacation spot?(FL, CA, TX)

    How about vacations?  Any changes?

    I recently figured that a trip from Minneapolis, MN to Orlando, FL for a weeks vacation…
    3400 miles round trip…25 miles to the gallon(family of 4 w/luggage)…226 gallons of petrol…
    say @ $1.00 more per gallon than you originally planned.

    That’s $226 more on vacation just with gas costs…
    not counting increased prices due to other things.

    IF lots of folks are saying they won’t take the long vacation…
    Is this just one example that many are overreaching their earnings?

    We’d better learn to budget extra for these kinds of things.
    Smart peeps put $ aside for upcoming expenses…
    car repairs, college education, Dr/DDS visits(not everyone has 100% insurance coverage.)

  • Actually, the issue in Philly was a late change in the EPA fule requirements as they transition from MTBE as an oxygenation additive to Ethanol.

    The MTBE was there, but no longer able to be used.

    And Ethanol demand is up, so there are not just tankers of it sitting around waiting to be added to gasoline to replace MTBE.

    And thus once again, the actual SHORTAGES of fuel are caused by government regulation NOT actual shortages.  Same thing we had several years ago when the MTBE requirement was first imposed…  SSDD, your government inaction (pun intended)

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