• If there are multiple Fighters flying over Multiple Artillery.
    (In the D-day board game all artillery are also AA guns)
    Should you roll all the dice at once, or each plan rolls separately?
    Say 4 fighter go over 3 AA guns. 3x4=12. Germany rolls 3 ones, allies lose 3 planes. But the other way you roll 3 dice at a time for each plan. If the allies roll two or three 1s at a time they still only shoot down one plan. They could rolls 3 1s and still only shoot down 1 fighter. What is the right way to implement this?

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    I believe each Artillery gets 1 plane shot each. So if all 3 Artillery roll 1’s they kill 3 planes.

  • @SS-GEN WOW! so it doesn’t matter how many planes are there. only how many Artillery pieces. I have been playing it wrong! Thanks 🙂

    Rules say:
    “Shoot Down Air Units: Artillery can shoot down attacking air units. Whenever an order card so directs, each artillery
    can fire on one air unit in its zone. Roll one die per artillery against an air unit: On a roll of 1, that air unit is destroyed.” AN air unit. not EACH air unit.

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