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    Many of the map notes explain that they don’t replace knowing the rules. This makes complete sense. Ya gotta know the rules. I have the board games. I know the basic rules.

    But!!! Is there any place where the rules of transporting elites and using supply crates are spelled out? Also military bases. Basically all of the wonderful extra bits. I’ve been searching to no avail and as yet haven’t found a map that lets me buy military bases or move a plane carrying any troops. I also don’t know if they are paratroopers and what the landing rules are.
    So… in the absence of friends (lol) where does one learn about these things?

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    @Marty-R Welcome to the forum 🙂

    The items you are talking about are not part of the OOB games, so they are introduced with modifications of the games or house rules. Additionally TripleA offers a lot of user created maps where those extras might be included.

    You can also check out the Marketplace where special items are offered, sometimes with an idea of how to use them.

    I am moving this topic to House Rules for now.

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