• So as we know OOB Russia is weak, real weak. Whats a comfortable bid that makes the game more fair?

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    You mentioned Russia specifically, but I’m going to assume you’re talking about a standard league rules bid.

    I think it depends significantly on the skill/experience of the players. Here’s a breakdown I would suggest as a starting point for players of equal skill:

    0 -> Complete Noobs – For players with little to no experience, especially when there hasn’t been outside influence of things like YouTube strategy videos.

    16-24 -> Irregular Players – For players with some experience and a reasonable handle on general strategies, but lacklustre execution and minor mistakes.

    24-30 -> Strong players – For players who play regularly, know how to win, have good execution and few to no mistakes.

    30+ -> Expert – Mostly for higher tier league players with tons of experience and ability. (although most of them play balance mod instead of using a bid)

    If you’re talking about team games I might consider an additional premium for the allies because they take significantly more coordination, which is harder when you have teammates.

  • @Tizkit thanks man. Appreciate the info

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    I second Tizkit. For G40 live games, we usually use a set bid of 12, 20 or 24. 24 has more options than 23…so 23 is a pretty fair number for a “I’d like to be Allies with 23 bid next game, do you agree”

    Most players get flustered trying to deal with the live-bidding system and figure out exactly what to buy, with any particular bid. It takes some practice with each edition to know what bids are best.

    AA50/42 Tournament +/- 6 to either team
    42.3 Tournament +7 to Allies
    G40 Open Play +12-23 to Allies
    G40 BM small or no bid to Ally
    G41 Open Play seems pretty balanced to me after 3-4 plays
    G42 Tournament Play +8 to Allies would be a minimum, under the tourney rules the Axis are somewhat favored though you can vary the economic victory conditions or time limit to suit your needs
    Classic Tournament Axis get 1 infantry, I believe
    DDay Balanced

  • I just played a game with the Allies getting $61 and it ended up with the Allies barely winning.

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    Basically @Tizkit, @taamvan and @Caesar-Seriona, are right.
    The bid doesn’t make you win the game.
    It depends on who you play against and if you are familiar and comfortable with all the game mechanics.

    You could have a bid of 100 ipc, but lose to a competent axis player.

    I suggest to you to find out wich bid is comfortable for you to play with or against.

    Russia is a very important nation to play, bc it sets the timer for you and your opponent where you have to be positioned at a certain round.
    If you as Russia are able to delay any progress towards Moscow from Germany you are saving precious time for all other Allies to get into Position.

    Start with high bids and reduce the bid from game to game to get better and more comfortable with the game itself.

  • @aequitas-et-veritas You hit the nail on the head but another thing that needs to be said is that G40 is pro Axis to the extreme hence why the bid is so necessary. Some people out there think $12 is the magical number when I think in order to balance this game, you need at least $30 for the Allies.

  • I’d agree with everyting said.

    I believe that any 2player game should be played with a bid or a handicap based on skill (in a broad sense of the word). We have had players here who believe the axis can’t win, and need a bid of 20. That is probably correct for the way they play the game. That being said, it is an interesting exercise to figure out what the bid would be on an expert level.

    One thing that has not been mentioned is the game LL or not?
    a LL game has to have a higher bid than a luck game. LL attacks can be optimized a lot better, an a smaller force in needed to ensure a win. Just try to calculate how much you need to be 99 % certain of paris falling in a LL game vs a regular game

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