Request for War Room: A Larry Harris Game on TripleA

  • '19 '13

    I’m no coder, because if I was, I would have done my best to have War Room released on TripleA already.

    If anyone out there wants a game that is even better than Axis & Allies (my favourite game series ever), then War Room is it!

    Let me know if anyone starts the process toward doing this. I’d even pitch in $$$ to make it happen!

  • TripleA

    @arathorn I am interested in implementing War Room on TripleA especially if it starts to gather a significant following and the consensus is that the gameplay is well done and fun. The last 2 A&A maps (1914 and zombies) have both been pretty underwhelming IMO and not worth the effort to implement in TripleA so hopefully War Room changes that trend 🙂

  • '19 '13

    @redrum solid points. I concur!!! 1914 and Zombies weren’t properly balanced and prepped gameplay wise which is why it’s not as popular.

    War Room has gotten tremendous feedback so far though, and as games are delivered and more people play test the final edition the raving reviews are rolling in.

    I’ll keep the thread posted. I’ve received the first of four games myself, and can’t wait to run some tourneys to build a following.

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