Canadian Mod rules question about Morocco

  • I was looking at the “Canadian mod” in triplea. I haven’t played this yet but I think it is very interesting. I have a hypothetical question.

    Suppose Germany takes Paris and Normandy, but fails to sink Canadian transport in z106. UK and USA don’t do anything to Morocco and Italy does not attack it. Canada then NCMs Canadian units to French Morocco. At start of France’s turn, Morocco becomes pro-axis neutral by Vichy rule. There is now 1 proaxis neutral infantry and 2 Canadian units in Morocco, but neutrals cannot attack so there is no combat. Neutrals also cannot NCM so all 3 units stay there until the next round. Let’s assume UK and USA don’t do anything to Morocco in the next round.

    Now here is the question:
    a) Can Italy attack Morocco despite it being pro-axis? (I think No)
    b) Can Italy NCM troops to activate Morocco despite the territory being in a state of conflict that cannot be resolved until Canada’s turn? (I also think No)

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    Vichy shouldn’t activate in Morocco if Canadian units are present. If it does, that’s a bug.

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    Once Paris falls is usually when the Vichy rule takes affect. It should become Vichy and Pro Axis. So its now hostile to any Allies.
    But if rule is Vichy rule takes affect on Frances turn then it should become Vichy and the 2 Canadian Inf have to fight the 1 Vichy inf. Or it becomes Free French and Canadians get a free guy due to technically activating it on there turn.

    That’s the case in other games mostly.

  • Ah thanks Simon. I see now that in the games notes it says “any French territories containing non-French allied land units.” don’t become pro-axis. It must be just a bug in the mod. Great, thanks!

  • 2019 2017 '16

    This should be fixed if you delete and re-download the global map package.

  • @simon33 Cool. thanks simon33 and whoever does all this programming

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