FMERommel (X) vs ArtofWar1947 (L) BM3 19L

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    After the US’s epic fail in SZ 37, I see little point in continuing the struggle. There was a 76% chance of a US win. The plan was for the US to take out as much as possible without actually winning, retreat to SZ 41, and let ANZAC subs and fighters finish the job. But Marti had radically other ideas. I am not sure a victory would have change the final outcome, but it would certainly have kept things interesting for the short haul.

    l will submit your victory tomorrow morning after I get some sleep.

    If you are interested, I propose the following plan: As neither of us has had any luck as the Allies, I propose we play a 2-game set with Allies+12. I’ll go first as the Allies and then you can take a crack at it.

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    You are a worthy opponent. I enjoyed the game, especially because I was in a favorable position. But you put up a tenacious defense. I appreciate your offer to change the terms going forward. But it would be fairer to you for us to switch sides and continue without a bid. Besides, I’ve played the Axis for 4 games straight now and need to learn new strategies and tactics as the Allies against a new Axis opponent. I will research some opening moves by highly ranked players and see if there’s any successful strategy.

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    This turn as Germany, I built units that could reach the frontline battle in one turn and not give the U.S. an extra turn to bring in more fighters. Germany will have more total units and power than the Allies on G52, so its a good time to end the game.

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    Exactly. This is why a victory in the SZ 37 battle was crucial. If the dice held true, I figured the US would come out of battle with 22 fighters, 2 tacs, and 4 bombers; 26 fighters if I sacrificed the 6 bombers; or possibly as many as 32 if the bombers and the attacking ships were sacrificed. This would have provided enough to protect the remaining fleet in SZ 41 against a German air strike from India. I built the airfield on Sumartra so that the great bulk of the US fighters could return to protect Iraq. But alas…

    I check through my AA posts and apparently the game just completed was our first game. Thought for sure it was our second. I will set up the rematch probably tomorrow morning with me as the Axis. After that we can decide what to do–flip to decide sides for a third game or not.

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