Dramatic Improvement in Operability

  • 2018 2017


    Server availability is near 100%, whereas it was about 65-80% only a few weeks ago. Great job!

    During games lag during noncom has dramatically improved as well. Only 1-2 minor incidents vs many periods of non-responsiveness a few weeks ago.

    Still there are a few game crash issues, but the game self-recovers and reloads quickly, and data is not lost, so this isn’t a huge problem.

    Allies remain at a fair disadvantage in both versions. A bid mechanic should be implemented to offset this.

    The tracing lines are problematic because they tend to cover up units that have not yet be committed. When there are more than 5 transports, this problem is exacerbated.

    Axis planes that are on carriers in the central med SZ look as if they are landed on Sicily and are not as apparent on the accompanying carrier as in other situations/zones.

    I can watch games live, the game should allow casualty selection when I’m watching live.

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