• With the UK sz92 fleet stack getting some more attention, I thought I’d ask for any Axis responses you’ve tried.

    I’ve only played Axis the way I’ve listed below, so would love to hear how you’ve had it shake out.

    So far, I’ve begun taking S. France as Germany on G1, so Italy can attack the stack with everything on its turn.

    This is still a losing attack for Italy, so why do it? Because it should kill the UK fleet, possibly take a fighter or two scrambled off of Gibraltor with it, and leave Italy with its 2 transports on the other side of the Med to try and pressure a (hopefully) weaker Egypt.

    I’ve been going full Russia with my G1 buys lately, but am considering whether some or all of the 2 bomber, 1 sub buy on G1 is useful. G2 you’d be able to sink anything left on one side of Gibraltor or other, but I’m not convinced that’s worth reducing Germany’s power against Russia.

    One thought: if you DID G1 2 bombers and took S. France and Italy did reasonably well to sink the UK fleet… wouldn’t that be a perfect setup for Sea Lion? UK 92 stack leaves basically no spending for London, but they lose their fleet and a lot of planes anyway…

  • '15 '14

    I usually don’t bother about the 92 fleet and I do nothing about it as Axis. You can’t have it all. If Allies leave your Italian fleet intact they get their UK fleet at 92 in exchange. Fair trade.

  • '15 '14

    And even with 2 bombers, a pure airstrike in 92 causes too many losses of the precious Luftwaffe early.

  • @JDOW

    May I ask how that plays out? Has that meant Italy gets Cairo early while UK pressures Germany?

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