Soviet pieces turned brown (except infantry)

  • 2D342455-6A50-4550-BF9B-29CBE775CB96.jpeg So I just had a weird experience…

    I purchased AA50 several months ago and have only been privileged to play it once with my brother when he visited. I’m preparing to move to Chicago and decided to check out the game board and pieces and to my surprise all of the Soviet pieces have turned brown except for the infantry. None of the other nations have had any discoloring.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I own AA Europe from way back in the day and none of the game pieces have had any color change since I bought it nearly 20yrs ago.

  • I really do not think your pieces have turned color. The infantry in the photos sure look like the infantry from the 99 version of Europe. I exchanged all my Russian pieces in my anniversary edition with those older pieces. Works much better for me as they are much different they the brown Italian troops… Also the recess on the base is also a clue. The older Europe pieces were deeper than the later anniversary pieces. I think someone has switched the pieces. This is just my opinion of course…

  • @Loose-Moose I bought the re-release new. Everything is OOB and I can promise you that all the pieces were a uniform color at one point. However, you do bring up an interesting thought: perhaps there was an overstock of the older infantry pieces and they were included with the newer printing of game pieces. I have heard that the quality of the newer game pieces is inferior to their predecessors.

  • You could be right about the mixing of old and new pieces. I have the original 50th anniversary edition, and have got to say that some of the pieces were miss formed and not of great quality. I have switched those out with other pieces. Since I own every edition except for 1940 Pacific, I can say that the older game pieces were of much better quality…but you need the newer games to get those newer sculpts, so it is a challenge to have it both ways. Anyway good luck, and hope you enjoy “anniversary “. It, and along with the original “Pacific 2000” are my favorite editions

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