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    Another quick clarification question.

    I’ve always assumed to this point that the CCP recruitment roll is the same as the Spanish Civil War belligerents, that you roll a D12 and have to hit the number or lower of the mainland territories you own.

    So if that applies, the CCP has to roll a 1 on a D12 until they can take other territory, right?

    Sorry if that’s incorrect and I’ve missed it somewhere else. My playing mates who are having to learn a lot more than me at this point ask some questions that I either have assumed to this point, or am potentially missing the answer to, so I just want to be sure I’m relaying the correct information!



  • @Chris_Henry

    Yep! It works exactly like the Spanish Civil War rolls but without supply tokens. If the CCP player rolls a 1 with only 1 territory then they can place either 1 Infantry or two militia. If they don’t own any land then they can still roll I suppose, but they’ll never get any units.

    (If they roll a 1, 2, 3, or 4, with only 4 provinces then they would be able to place an infantry or 2 militia).

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    Thanks! I figured as much, just wanted to clarify!

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    They’re simplifying the other neutrals so that they will have the same recruitment rules when they are being controlled. So for instance if Germany attacked and conquered one of the Turkish territories then the British take control of the remaining Turks. They would roll at 2 or less since there are 2 remaining Turkish territories and place either an infantry or 2 militia if successful.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade

    Isn’t that an added rule in the diplomacy expansion?

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    Yes that’s where they got the idea to simplify it. Why don’t we just use the same rule as in Diplomacy? Done. Now it will be in the base game.

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    Interesting, thanks for the info. I think that will be a good new addition to have for neutral/minor nations!

  • I kind of disagree with that change for v3. I like that these minor nations get to collect income and spend it how they see fit. Won’t that change under the v3 rules?

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    That’s what GHG is making it sound like to me.

    I definitely get your point, I think it’s a lot of fun to be able to select what you’d want to buy as the minor power. But I guess I understand from a “simplifying the rules” standpoint to make this happen.

    That said, I wonder what’s more helpful to those nations. Take Greece for example. Do they have better odds of building a unit with their 1 IPP a turn (assuming that territory wasn’t captured right away, that is)? Or are they better off rolling a D12 and needing a 1, 2 or 3 (again, depending on what was or wasn’t taken) to get an infantry/2 militia? Greece conceivably has as a 25% chance to get a unit if no territory lost right away. Those are pretty decent odds.

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