What is your favorite Axis country to play?

  • I had a poll with the question:

    What is your favorite country to play?

    This poll focuses on the Axis alone!

  • Japan just has more options and is much more agressive than Germany.  Germany never really leaves Europe, but Japan builds an empire like nobodies busness

  • When I played the my first game I played Japan, its still my favorite, don’t really care why, Its just fun to manage the empire and expand it as much as possible!

    Just wondering, when are you going to make a poll with the topic “what is your favorite Axel Allie Poll?”  :lol:


  • I actually am starting to like Germany better.  I mean the constant land war on the Eastern front is great.

  • that’s a good one Malus…  :lol:

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my polls 8-)

    I just LOVE statistics :roll:

  • Couldn’t help it!  😉

    Im 1337 with stats, keep it up…

  • @Malus:

    Im 1337 with stats


    could you help me with this one?
    what does it mean exactly?
    (I could make a poll to see what everyone thinks it is :-P)

  • 1337 = leet = leetspeak = geekspeak = lead = “cool”

    stats = statistics

    got it or am I just making it worse?

  • wow,

    this is like 707 means LOL?
    and 1414 means hIhI?
    (hihi in Dutch is someone who giggles or chuckles,…)

    then you have 707+707=1414 or LOL+LOL=hIhI…

    where do I get these calculation and why, you could ask?
    in old calculators, where you have digits that are rectangulary shaped, and you insert 707 and turn your calculator upside down: then you have LOL 🙂

    did you know 319738 is good for “Belgium” in Dutch = BELGIE (the name of my country in my mother tongue…)


    1337 = leet = leetspeak = geekspeak = lead = “cool”

    I don’t know what a leet is, but I get the gist of it 🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    Leet is just short form of elite.

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