• Hi I’m just curious if any of you know if the 1998 A&A verison is made freeware yet. Many old games are legally shared on the net.

    Or maybe you know a free game similar to A&A.


  • I think I found it one time.  It’s the exact copy of the board game, but with scenarios, right?  It’s on my old pc, so I might be able to figure out where I got it.

  • That would be very cool.

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    home of the underdogs… press that name into wikipedia and it will give you a link to there site

  • Yeah, GG got it.  I couldn’t remember the name, but recalled it had “dogs” in the title.
    Good job, GG.

    If you have a slower computer, you might want to modify some of the settings, but it ran pretty well on my P3 450 recently.

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    They have a bunch of good abandonware out there… Check out there titles, especially there SSI titles…

  • i don’t think you can get it free yet

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    go there I think you will find it… I got it…

  • I could not find the original A&A game (for free).
    If I misted the link, then please post it.

    BUT I found an interesting clone to A&A called tripleA.
    You can download it at: http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki

    I, however, have trouble to get it to work. I have done everything explained in the installation guide, so I would like to know if any of you have made it work with windows XP.

    the error message I receive when running the file “triplea_windows.bat” is:
    “Exeption in thread “main” java.kabd.NoClassDefFoundError: games/strategy/engine/framework/GameRunner”

    Regards NoPainNoGain

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    scroll down and click on “Where to get it:”


  • There’s also Dogs of War, you can add more, modify IP value and change loyalties of every territory and even modify or add new sea zones. You can even change the unit allocation, add more or less pieces, whatever. I even changed the sound effects on mine…. The AI is bit on the weak side though, but its still fun.

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