• Hey all,

    What are the building limitations for the KMT? I assume that they can build anything on their national reference sheet as long as they have a factory. I plan on creating a scary China in my next game and I just want to be sure that I can build airbases and fortifications and what not.

    Any tips for a strong China are also appreciated!

    Thanks for any help,

  • '18 '17 '16

    The answer you’re looking for is right there on the China KMT reference sheet;
    https://www.historicalboardgaming.com/assets/images/HBG Games/Global Games/1936/Rules/1936 Ref Card CHINA KMT v14.pdf
    I can’t even imagine how lousy of a Japanese player you will have to recruit to allow you to accomplish that, haha. There is a time limit to the game so there just isn’t enough time to conquer all of the territories, build a major factory, and then become a beast. Assuming that the Japanese player is at least 6 years old, I predict that it will never happen.

    Realistically though, the only chance you have of getting any victory points is;
    Lend Lease from your Allies
    Good dice
    Poor Japanese play or Japan finding an alternative objective than China
    You don’t engage in a civil war with the CCP until near the end of the game if Japan is not a threat.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade

    I’m planning on meme-level lend-lease to China. Like Great Britain, the USSR, and the USA all providing a fighter per turn. Will it work? I have no idea but it’ll be fun, I think.

  • '18 '17 '16

    That’s where having a competent Japanese player comes in. With the amount of ships they have it’s pretty easy to blockade lend lease getting through to China. They might not bother if it’s just a bit but if you’re sending planes then the port(s) will be blockaded. The other problem with that is the other countries need money for their own purposes too. The US only starts with 10 IPP, the Russian’s 8, and UK has a little more between the 3 nations but also has a greater need all over the map.
    It’s surprisingly easy to take out the Russians by the Germans. Considering they aren’t even on the same team as the KMT good luck getting every single penny they make. The game is much more interesting when you have more than 2 players because then it truly becomes a 3 sided game. Having just 2 players is probably the only way you can get the Russians to sacrifice themselves for the KMT. That’s not really a winning strategy though because Russia is worth a lot more money than China. The Axis will be unbeatable.
    Interesting thought though. Let me know how it turns out for you.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade

    All I’ll have to hold is Guangxi or Yunnan for that lend-lease. I figure if China doesn’t win then at least they’ll bog down the Japanese a fair bit. And I know I’ll be making sacrifices elsewhere, but all I want is a strong China so I don’t care. Hell, if things work out I’ll start building a major factory in Yunnan pretty early on lol. This will basically just be a play test to see how powerful China can become if everyone sends money/manpower.

  • @mrgoatcheese a competent Japanese player will first take all naval bases from the KMT and if they do it in July 37 then you will have a long year until the Burma Road opens to Yunnan in July 38. And a competent Japanese player will also be pressuring Yunnan by late 38/early 39.

    And then there is the fact that the US might not be able to lend lease at all to China until the US hits 15 IPP. It depends on how you interpret two contradictory statements on the US reference sheet.

    The best USSR can do is lend their 2 fighters and 1 tactical to the KMT or the CCP if you use that house rule. Russia has to spend that 8 IPP on its own needs or risk foregoing Portugal/Iran/Mongolia/Finland in the short term and maybe risk getting steamrolled by Germany in the long term.

  • @cdatkins74

    I’m still going to try it for the memes. I’m fully aware of any strategic concerns. Making China a major power by upgrading the Jehol factory would be hilarious and therefore 100% worth the attempt.

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