• We are thinking of spicing up our game a little bit by implementing Oil in some way to Anniversary. Does anyone have a house rule out there for AA50 that doesn’t break the game too much?

    I’ve seen rules for Global 40 and the Global War series, but none so far for AA50…

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    Somebody asked the same thing awhile ago. I had a picture of the map using just oil derricks and were worth 1 Icp each only for starters. I erased the photo on my phone. Dam. The guy hasn’t replied since he was going to test it.
    I can find some of my Oil Charts if you want them.

  • Well the G40 Oil rules do have it where you get 1 IPC boost for the select territories that have oil and that ave an oil derrick erected. Wonder if applying that rule to AA50 would break it…

    Oil nations for G40 are according to the House Rule are:
    -All Dutch Islands
    -Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia
    -Central US
    -Western Canada, Alaska
    -Alexandria, Cairo, Tobruk, Trans-Jordon
    -Union of South Africa
    -Caucasus, Ukraine
    -West India, Burma

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    Japan should have 1 or 2. Start slow. Only put out half. Give each country 2 and put all oil on strict. Hard to see it setup without the map

  • Could you send me your oil maps?

    I also kind of feel like Oil should impact the cost or quantity of units like tanks, naval units and air units rather than given an IPC boost…

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    Don’t have an oil map to show.? You could have it where u need to control so many oil derricks and if you fall short give out a movement penalty I have a chart where it could be motorized units or planes or ships.
    You may just want to restrict a naval port in a sea zone or 1 seazone with a ship or more in it to a -1 Move. Same with 1 territory. -1 for tanks or motorized or planes. Being aa 50 you can have a lot

    I could bring out my 3x6 50 map and setup the oil derricks and take a pic of it to maybe help you with placement ? Let me know

  • This topic is very interesting. Mainly because the German “Wehrmacht” hat great difficulties with fuel shortages.
    I would say, as long as you are not in control of at least one oil field your tanks can not “blitz” and aircraft can only fly defensive missions (or there should be a restriction how many spaces they can fly - for instance -1 for bombers and fighters)
    There should be a rule which allows you to make a strategic bombardement of the oil fields.

    That is a very interesting idea. I would like to hear more of it 🙂

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