• Got neutral event cards now for game.

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    Looks awesome

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    So does the event cards give Germany 2 aircraft carriers and 2 fighters on each. Hehe, just kidding. Curious as to what is in those neutral cards!!

    Looks great Ray!!

  • @AAGamer said in General 6 Stars 1941 WW2 Game:

    So does the event cards give Germany 2 aircraft carriers and 2 fighters on each. Hehe, just kidding. Curious as to what is in those neutral cards!!

    Looks great Ray!!

    Thanks guys. If you double click on pic it will blow up to see.

    Ya Germany gets 2 AC’s ! LOL

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    Yup Ray, I blew it up after I made the post and was too lazy to fix it.

    Still didnt see aircraft carriers for Germany. Hehe.

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    Had a game Saturday. The allies conceded on turn 6 after Italy’s turn. Germany took Moscow on turn 4 but lost Paris on turn 4. Germany had to decide which way they were going to go. After a general’s meeting it was decided to go for Moscow. Germany also influenced Spain.
    Germany was able to to take back Paris on turn 6.
    Also what helped axis was Germany had sub Interdiction and was able to wolf pack for most of game. Allies dice were on the weak side for sub kills this game.

    Italy tried to take back Spain on turn 6 but the dice gods showed up and came up short.
    But then Italy was able to take a 5th oil Territory for a point and Rostov for another point to get the win.

    Germany also captured the new capital on turn 6 against Samara and get another point.
    Maybe Russia put to much into fighting over Leningrad
    early and not using those extra pieces to hold Samara and retake back Rostov while still protecting Stalingrad.
    hey Russia’s a player in game even after Moscow falls.
    They still have a lot to do in this game.

    In the mean time Allies in the Pacific were getting back points and making a great push on Japan but would come up a bit short even though they got back 3 points and axis had 30 at end of turn 6 for a win.
    The orange chip on pacific side on map represents the Japan naval fleet which is not in pic but in upper right corner some.

    Another great game. We played drawing 2 event cards per turn. The neutral cards were great to. US got both Venesuala and Colombia to join their side for an extra 10 icps per turn.

    Only changes is swapping out a few M> Bombers for Stg. Bombers and making the US UK NA bombers cost 9 instead of 11 based on they had a lot so this gives them a slight better chance to buy more Stg. bombers.

    The one pic of battle board shows how the FEC and China were able to do a joint strike in Burma to get back Rangoon which is worth a point. Based on LL.

    The bottom pic is of 6 of 7 generals. I took pic.
    Double click on pics to get a great close up.

    image1 (4).jpeg
    image2 (2).jpeg
    image3 (2).jpeg
    image0 (8).jpeg

  • @General-6-Stars Sweet ! A nice turnout too !

  • Putzin with a new game dedicated to the Marine Corps.

    Pacific War Game Map 2.0.png

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    Got another game in. Axis won on during turn 5. Moscow actually held on with some great dice but still lost Stalingrad and Rostov to help seal the deal. Germany influenced Turkey turn 1 and went after Cairo and got it early in game. In the mean time Japan took Calcutta turn 2 based on all of the India fleet went to the Red Sea. And while Germany took there points back without Moscow and Japan shows in pic they can get back 2 Asian cities, HK and Singapore to complete the win.

    image0 (28).jpeg
    image1 (10).jpeg

    This pic shows us what happens if Calcutta falls in game and becomes a state of vichy like France.

    The New capital goes to Bombay territory which Fec had already built a IC so at least they could build on following turn. Plus UK fleet did leave Red Sea and landed some help in the future turns but Japan was able to hold on with transporting by air and some ground from Assam where they cut off any hump supplies.

    FEC keeps all ships and then Japan rolls for the territories in India and the 2 islands South. Japan rolls and gets 3 territories and joins there side but did not get the other 3 territories and including the ground. The ground would of flipped to Japans side.
    That is a sweet rule to have in your game if you can get it to work.
    So long story short I think axis had 36 points and to much for allies to take back. Axis wins with 30 points.

    Great Game. Meet a new player and will be back. Thanks for coming again Kris !

    image0 (27).jpeg
    to take contr

  • @General-6-Stars

    Awewsome ! A new recruit ! :)

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